Tfue follows Ninja to become 2nd Twitch climber to hit 10 million followers on Twitch

Tfue has finally surpassed the 10 million fan mark on Twitch, making it the second most followed Twitch channel ever.

TFue realized his victory over the Twitch stream while playing Minecraft and shook two beers before going back to playing his game.

He tweeted about it but hasn’t been very vocal since. Climbers who have a lot of fans usually don’t talk about hitting each other or competing.

TFue may be the second most followed channel, but it still has 6.7 million followers behind Ninja. It will take him a long time to reach Ninja level. Shroud could also beat Ninja before TFue as it is just over a million under TFue.

TFue became popular as a skilled Fortnite gamer. He joined the FaZe clan because of winning a lasting victory. His skills have helped push FaZe Clan far and wide.

FaZe Clan has drawn much controversy over the treatment of its members. Many climbers, including TFue, left. TFue decided he could do better on his own. He even sued the group about the situation.

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There has been controversy in TFue since its inception

Many climbers would feel down because of the controversy surrounding them, but TFue has come out unscathed. Not even the many Twitch bans he’s received have stopped him. It seems to be immune to all negative media.

He will no longer play the game that brought him fame and controversy. TFue is good at playing games like Call of Duty and Minecraft. Ninja, Shroud, and TFue have found their way to popularity by diversifying with their games.

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TFue will not stream Fortnite, unlike other banned FaZe Clan members.

FaZe clan members are notorious for their ban on Fornite. TFue was banned from selling and buying Epic Games accounts. TFue played on a different account for a while but stopped shortly after. This is a clear violation of Fornite’s terms of service.

FaZe Jarvis was banned for cheating a year after he banned TFue. The FaZe clan appears to be encouraging FaZe Jarvis to try to flush Fortnite despite the ban. FaZe Jarvis even posts videos to YouTube of him playing the game to mock Epic.

It has made many fans wonder if FaZe is actively promoting breaking Epic Games rules for clout.

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Published February 15, 2021, 01:46 IST