Tesla stock collections to be listed before being incorporated into the S&P 500

Tesla Inc. stock added. ended its pre-S&P 500 index time with one final rally and plenty of investor interest.

Tesla TSLA,
+ 5.96%
rose 6% to $ 695 higher on Friday, returning a course from earlier in the day and gathering most of its steam in the final stages of trading.

Nearly 200 million shares traded hands, Tesla’s fifth-largest ever and the highest ever since early February. The stock was the best player and most active stock on the Nasdaq 100. NDX,

The S&P 500 index, to which Tesla will soon be coming, ended down 13.07 points, or 0.35%. Tesla shares turned lower in Friday’s extended session, down 2% at the last survey.

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On Monday, Tesla shares will begin trading on the S&P SPX,
a seal of approval that places the stock in an unnamed index and actively managed assets, which must be appropriate to balance their records.

S&P index manager announced the introduction of Tesla on November 16, after sculpting the company in an earlier rebalancing.

Keeping in mind the complexity of the company’s addition, S&P Dow Jones Indices consulted with investors on how they should do it, and eventually decided to add Tesla at the same time.

Since the S&P news was announced, Tesla has added $ 271.96 billion in market value, which is more than Toyota Motor Co.’s market capitalization, currently around $ 213 billion.

In fact, that valuation jump from the November release is about where Tesla was valued in mid – July, and is greater than the market value of 483 S&P 500 companies, or nearly 97% of the companies in the UK. the index.

The stock is up 731% so far this year, compared to gains of around 15% for the S&P.