Tencent is looking to hire a Super Fan Pokémon to work on its new game

Tencent, the company that develops Pokémon Unite, wants to hire an excellent Pokémon franchise fan to help lead the company.

Large-scale technology company Tencent is to hire an ultimate Pokémon fan for its upcoming online game Pokémon Unite. Developed by both Tencent and The Pokémon Company, Pokémon Unite it was first unveiled at a Pokémon Presents event earlier this summer. It is being developed for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. During one of the events, follow a sequel to their favorite Snap Snap was announced for the Nintendo Switch to widespread acclaim. Pokémon Unite It was revealed at the following Pokémon Presents event but to the great service of fan disappointment.

Tencent was also attacked for its illegal data uses. It has even come under scrutiny from President Donald Trump for ownership of the WeChat online chat service. This is Tencent’s first time working on a game for the Pokémon series. The company has been working on several mobile games in the past, the most famous of which. PUBG Mobile. Pokémon Unite revealed in his own Pokémon Presents event, which led to high fan expectations and, as a result, plenty of harassment.

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Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, tweets images from Tencent that the company wants to hire a Pokémon advisor, or in more likely terms, a top fan. The credentials of the job require that candidates be eligible to clear all Pokémon games with more than 900 hours of total playtime, watching more than 500 episodes of the anime, have a prime member competitive status Pokémon, and gain knowledge of the history of the Pokémon. Tencent has recently removed the to-do list.

While it is good to see that Tencent wants to hire someone with great experience Pokémon, this tells fans a number of things. This shows that there are a lot of people working on the game who don’t know much about the franchise but Tencent wants to make sure the game delights fans of the series by hiring the franchisee. finally follow. Even though anger was at first when it was announced Pokémon Unite, this could be quite successful considering its ubiquity Pokémon GO.

However, it is impossible to say whether this game will depend on success Pokémon GO. The last one was a final game for fans, however Pokémon Unite has disappointed fans before it is released. Not much has been shown about the game, but hopefully things will improve if they have a real global purchase Pokémon stay on their team. But even if the game itself turns out to be interesting, fans should still be wary of Tencent’s data usage. As a large corporate body, Tencent has a lot of power, and is accused of receiving illegal data in a bad situation. With that in mind, there is still much to learn Pokémon Unite.

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Source: Daniel Ahmad – Twitter

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