Suspected double murder near Hadera: Two men were shot dead on Route 9

Again assassinations in the Arab sector: Two brothers, residents of the village of Jat, were shot dead last night, apparently during a chase between two vehicles on Road 9 near Hadera. The two men, aged 40 and 30, were evacuated in critical condition to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in the city, but their deaths were determined immediately upon arrival at the hospital. The victims of the assassination are Muhammad and Ahmad Sharqiya, residents of the village of Jat.

MDA paramedic Avi Cohen said: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw two men. They were unconscious, with no breath and no pulse. We immediately rescued them from the vehicle and evacuated them during resuscitation operations and near the hospital we had to determine their deaths. “

According to the suspect, the incident was preceded by another shooting incident in Baqa al-Gharbiya, where a 35-year-old resident was seriously injured at the entrance to the blast he owned, he was evacuated in critical condition to the hospital where he was immediately admitted to the operating room. There is a family connection between the two victims and the wounded and the police are investigating a suspicion of a connection between the serious incidents after the initial investigation revealed that it was their nephew.

Muhammad Sharqiya (Photo: Private Photography)Muhammad Sharqiya (Photo: Private Photography)
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Large police forces from Hof ​​District were rushed to the scene of the incident in Baqa and began an investigation to ascertain the circumstances of the incident in parallel with extensive searches and manhunt conducted by detectives in an attempt to track down suspects. Shortly afterwards, upon receiving the report from MDA and Hotline 100 at the police station about finding a vehicle with two people with gunshot marks on the side of the road on Road 9 near Hadera, large police forces from the Coast District were also called to this scene.

Police investigators also began collecting finds from the scene on Route 9 including forensic finds and at the same time a manhunt was conducted in an attempt to track down a vehicle that appeared to have fled the scene. The investigation raised suspicion that the two who were in the said vehicle were shot to death during a chase that took place on the road between them and another vehicle.

The district commander, Superintendent Peretz Amar, is conducting a special situation assessment in the area with the district and the district, in which he received an overview of the circumstances and preliminary findings. Following the assessment of the situation, the district commander imposed the investigation on the central unit, along with reinforcing presence and enforcement in the area.

Police are investigating a connection between the two incidents and officials involved in the details do not rule out the possibility that the two conducted a chase after the shooters who injured their family member in Baqa al-Gharbiya and during the chase the fugitives decided to shoot at them as well. It should be noted that the two are the 92nd and 93rd victims of cases of violence in the Arab sector in Israel since the beginning of the year.

As stated, suspects have not yet been arrested in connection with the various shootings.

Ahmad Sharqiya (Photo: Private Photography)Ahmad Sharqiya (Photo: Private Photography)