Super Nintendo Theme Park Virtual Tour

Osaka Super Nintendo World theme park is expected to open in early 2021, and because of COVID-19, fans have been worried about the size of the park, and no one knows what to expect.

Now, Nintendo has released a video tour of the park with Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto as your guide. Takes you through Princess Peach ‘s castle with pictures from Super Mario 64, as well as introducing you to characters like Yoshi, Toad and Goomba throughout the park ‘s attractions, the tour will give you the first introduction to all the experience the park has to offer.

In addition, Miyamoto will also talk to you through the “Power-Up Band,” which is a unique device that monitors the progress of the visitor throughout the park, and can also be configured with your smartphone. Finally, a handful of girl will also be available in the Super Nintendo World gift shop.

Take a look at the tour in the gallery above, and keep an eye out as Super Nintendo World aims to open in February 2021.