Subtraction and addition: Real Madrid defeated Valencia 0: 2

Spanish League 20-21

Game board

Outstanding Actor

Tony Cross, Score: 8
Never-ending. Another great performance by the veteran German, with a gate and cooking that made a difference

The disappointing actor

Carlos Soler, Score: 4
In the previous round he was the star, this time he did not appear. Weak connection game

Real Madrid is in the midst of a tight schedule, but no less critical – at a time when it has to deal with quite a few shortcomings due to injuries. Despite this, the Blancos put aside all the problems tonight (Sunday) and put on a great game en route to a 0-2 draw against Valencia at the home ground of Alfredo Di Stefano. The game, like all Spanish league games, was broadcast on channel ONE for yes, HOT Cellcom TV and Partner TV subscribers.

Eden Hazard, Marcelo, Adar Militeau, Sergio Ramos, Albero Odriosola, Rodrigo and Federico Valverda in the endless list of injured Zinedine Zidane. The white of Madrid. Lucas and Essex and Isco were the oldest on the bench, alongside quite a few academy players who were bounced due to the situation.

0: 2 to Blancos over Valencia, Benzema and Cross scored

The champion showed that she can do well and recorded a good game and a third consecutive victory, which raised her at least temporarily to second place in the table at the expense of Barcelona with a missing game, as well as a temporary gap of 5 points from the leader Atletico. In addition, the Whites also achieved sporting revenge in Valencia for losing 4-1 in the first round. The bats may lose 12th place in the table. Saturday: Real vs. Sean Weissman and Valladolid.

The first half was perhaps the Blancos’ best of the season when it comes to ball control. The hostess started well and already in the first minutes she pressed forward in an attempt to find the net – and it paid off for her. After a miss by Casimiro, in the 12th minute Cross’ crossing ended in a wonderful goal by Karim Benzema with a twisting kick from the edge of the net to the net. Later the Frenchman and Modric threatened Domenech’s goal when Real recorded quite a few decent attacks, which also ended in another goal. Lucas Vasquez who replaced Danny Carvajal cooked for Tony Cross, shooting a sharp ball typical of the net. 0: 2 for the whites at the break.

Karim Benzema celebrates with his friends (La Liga)Karim Benzema celebrates with his friends (La Liga)

Even in the second half Real continued to dictate the pace. Valencia were not in fact an opponent and apart from a rare Maxi Gomes kicking attempt they did not make life difficult for Tibo Courtois between the posts. In the 62nd minute, Perlan Mandy celebrated the third goal of the game, but after a test in VAR, the goal was disqualified on the grounds that he was different. The last minutes were actually Garbage Time and in the end 0: 2 a part for Real Madrid, which overcame the shortcomings.

Real Madrid players celebrate with Karim Benzema (La Liga)Real Madrid players celebrate with Karim Benzema (La Liga)

Half a second

Tony Cross (La Liga)Tony Cross (La Liga)
Vinicius Jr. gallops forward (Reuters)Vinicius Jr. gallops forward (Reuters)
  • ’83

  • Spare
  • Valencia Substitution: Patrick Cotrona has replaced Maxi Gomes
Marco Asensio (La Liga)Marco Asensio (La Liga)
  • ’78

  • Spare
  • Zidane’s replacement: Isco replaces Luca Modric
Zindin Zidane (La Liga)Zindin Zidane (La Liga)
  • ’78

  • Spare
  • Substitution in Real: Karim Benzema came out, Mariano Diaz came in to play
Vinicius Jr. with the ball (La Liga)Vinicius Jr. with the ball (La Liga)
  • ’71

  • Spare
  • Real Madrid substitution: Marco Asensio leaves, 19-year-old Sergio Aribas, one of the academy players, goes on to play
Marco Asensio (La Liga)Marco Asensio (La Liga)
  • ’64

  • Spare
  • Another substitute of the guest: Christian Oliva came on in place of Kevin Gameiro
Manu and Eijo and Tony Cross (La Liga)Manu and Eijo and Tony Cross (La Liga)
  • ’64

  • Spare
  • Valencia’s third substitution: Daniel Was out, Kang In I got in
Gonzalo Gadesh and Luca Modric in La LigaGonzalo Gadesh and Luca Modric in La Liga
  • ’62

  • offside
  • Real Madrid celebrated 0: 3, when a quick burst ended in Mandy’s goal, however after a test the goal was disqualified by the VAR
Marco Asensio and Carlos Soler (La Liga)Marco Asensio and Carlos Soler (La Liga)
  • ’53

  • acidification
  • Good opportunity for Valencia. Maxi Gomes kicked from the spot with his right foot from 20 yards, Courtois responded well and deflected the danger
Karim Benzema (La Liga)Karim Benzema (La Liga)
  • ’46

  • Yellow card
  • Thierry Correa received a yellow card
Maxi Gomes and Luca Modric (La Liga)Maxi Gomes and Luca Modric (La Liga)
  • ’46

  • Spare
  • Another orange replacement: Yunus Musa came on in place of Gonzalo Gadash
Rafael Varane (La Liga)Rafael Varane (La Liga)
  • ’46

  • Spare
  • Substitution in Valencia: Manu and Eijo gave way to Kevin Gameiro

first half

Thierry Correa with Vinicius Jr. (La Liga)Thierry Correa with Vinicius Jr. (La Liga)
  • ’44

  • Yellow card
  • Orosh Rachic received a yellow card
Casimiro, Tony Cross and Perlan Mandy Celebrate (La Liga)Casimiro, Tony Cross and Perlan Mandy Celebrate (La Liga)
Tony Cross celebrates with Real Madrid players (La Liga)Tony Cross celebrates with Real Madrid players (La Liga)
Tony Cross celebrates with Real Madrid players (Reuters)Tony Cross celebrates with Real Madrid players (Reuters)
  • ’42

  • Gate
  • Gate! Real Madrid went up to 0: 2: The white pressure paid off with another goal – Tony Cross who cooked for Benzema was the one who celebrated this time, when he received a delivery from Lucas and Essex and fired as usual a sharp and accurate ball to Domenech’s corner. Zidane’s team in one of its best halves this season
Marco Asensio kicks (Reuters)Marco Asensio kicks (Reuters)
  • ’40

  • acidification
  • Again Real threatened. Modric tried his luck on the left foot from about 20 yards, but Domenek top
Nacho fights with Maxi Gomes (Reuters)Nacho fights with Maxi Gomes (Reuters)
  • ’39

  • acidification
  • Another good opportunity for Real with a quick attack. Lucas and Essex substitute raised to the field, Benzema rose high but the ball did not get on his head and went out
Tony Cross slides towards Carlos Soler (Reuters)Tony Cross slides towards Carlos Soler (Reuters)
  • ’30

  • acidification
  • An interesting experience for Real Madrid after an excellent attack. Cross bounced forward to Modric, who passed wide with a touch to Benzema who tried on the heel, but Paulista stood right and stopped the danger
Luca Modric and Manu and Eijo (La Liga)Luca Modric and Manu and Eijo (La Liga)
  • ’27

  • Yellow card
  • Gonzalo Gadesh received a yellow card
Kasmiro and Maxi Gomes in Air Fight (Reuters)Casmiro and Maxi Gomes in air battle (Reuters)
  • ’26

  • Spare
  • Real Madrid’s troubles continue: Danny Carvajal was injured and replaced, Lucas Vasquez came on in his place. The team will hope that this is not another player who will be added to the long list of injured
Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)
Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)Karim Benzema Celebrates (Reuters)
Karim Benzema Celebrates (La Liga)Karim Benzema Celebrates (La Liga)
  • ’12

  • Gate
  • Gate! Real Madrid took the lead: leg injury? Benzema does not mind. The striker received a delivery from Tony Cross and from about 18 yards diagonally sent a clever and twisted ball with his right foot straight to the far corner of Domenech. A wonderful goal for the Frenchman, the Whites took an early and justified advantage
Manu and Eicho skip Casimiro (Reuters)Manu and Eicho skip Casimiro (Reuters)
  • ‘9

  • acidification
  • It was not far for Real. Kasmiro received the ball about 20 meters from the goal and kicked flat with his right foot, the ball deflected slightly on the way and Domenek managed to fend off only with his foot to the corner
Zinedine Zidane (Reuters)Zinedine Zidane (Reuters)
  • ‘2

  • Other
  • Moments of anxiety for Zidane in the opening. Benzema injured his leg and lay down on the lawn, but got to his feet and continued to play. As is well known, in the missing bench there are academy players
Gonzalo Gades (La Liga)Gonzalo Gades (La Liga)
Casmiro following Mano and Eijo (La Liga)Casmiro following Mano and Eijo (La Liga)
  • ‘1

  • Judge's decision
  • The referee of the game, Jose Sanchez, set the match in motion
Thibaut Courtois (Reuters)Thibaut Courtois (Reuters)
Karim Benzema (Reuters)Karim Benzema (Reuters)
Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium (Reuters)Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium (Reuters)
Luca Modric (Reuters)Luca Modric (Reuters)
Real Madrid (Reuters) playersReal Madrid (Reuters) players
Nacho Fernandez (La Liga)Nacho Fernandez (La Liga)
Marco Asensio (La Liga)Marco Asensio (La Liga)
Vinicius Jr. (La Liga)Vinicius Jr. (La Liga)