Substack debuts beta version of RSS-supported Reader web app, here’s how it works on iOS

Substack introduced an advanced newsletter platform today with a new web app that brings together all your subscriptions in one convenient inbox. The new web app is in beta, but it already shows a lot of promise. It offers quick access to all your subscriptions in a sidebar on the left, and even allows users to throw their favorite RSS feeds into the mix. It is a much cleaner experience than filtering through your email inbox.

Users new to Substack will see popular newsletters that they can subscribe to in the search section, while the podcast section lets you view shows related to available newsletters on the Substack platform.

How to install Substack Reader on iOS

No reader app is complete until it has a mobile version, and Substack has chosen a unique way to bring their share to phones. Instead of downloading the Substack Reader app from the App Store, you can move to your Substack Reader account in Safari and add it to your home screen. This will create an image on the Home Screen for quick access.

To install Substack Reader, tap on the share button, select add to home screen, and then tap on add.

Once the web app is installed, you can simply launch it from your home screen as a native app. In fact, Substack has done the job of removing the Safari toolbars from the web app that has been added to your home screen. When you click on an RSS feed or Substack publication, the web app loads the other website directly through a safari view manager with a convenient back button.

Once added to your home screen, Substack Reader acts as a native app.

Perhaps the best thing about Substack Reader is that it feels like a modern version of Google Reader, the most popular and forever-lost RSS reader. If you subscribe to several RSS feeds and lots of Substack newsletters, Reader is a must. You can login or login if you are a current user of

Here’s a look at the web app version of Substack running on the Mac:

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