Suarez beats fear in any enemy

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is confident that Luis Suarez will make things difficult for Chelsea in the last leg of the Champions League final despite his recent thirst for the Premier League. Europe.

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Suarez has scraped 16 times in his debating season with Atletico to move them to the top of La Liga but has yet to find the net in four Champions League games for the club.

In his previous four seasons with Barcelona, ​​he has only made 10 appearances in the Champions League while not filling in an away game in the tournament since September 2015.

“Luis is generating fear in competitors no matter what the tournament,” Simeone told a pre-match press conference on Tuesday, moving from Wanda Metropolitano at Atletico to Romania due to a ban. people who came to Spain from Britain to control COVID-19 infections.

“He has the skills and qualities that attract a lot of attention from any competitor. We’ll talk about his problems scoring away from home when we go to London, but tomorrow it’s a game home for us. “



Luis Suarez at Atletico Madrid describes the mentality that has made him one of the world’s top strikers.

Suarez, in an exclusive interview with ESPN last week, said he still feels he can compete at the competition level.

“I still feel like I’m enjoying this moment that I’m in today, in a football elite,” Suarez told ESPN, at an event organized by Puma. ” Being at Atletico, you are in a football elite. Some people didn’t believe I could still be at this point. I have the same commitment.

“I hope, this year, next year and for how many years it is, that I will compete and do my best, until you realize that you have gone so far.” But no one will kill me. I do. I will decide when I go. “

Simeone praised the number against Thomas Tuchel, who has led Chelsea to five wins and two draws in all competitions since Frank Lampard ‘s success in January.

“We go against a team with a coach who on all sides has taken it upon himself to play attractive football. He has come to a club that has a lot of financial power. and who always makes good signs, “he said.

“This season they have signed some great young players and since Tuchel’s arrival they have greatly improved their results.

“But their squad speaks for itself, just look at the quality of their three keepers, that proves their power, and the players would get their attack in any team in the the world. “

Simeone ‘s side landed in the Roman capital struggling from a 2-0 home loss to Levante who cut the lead at the top of La Liga to three points and left with one win in their last four games.

The Argentine also didn’t make a fuss about changing venues for a game they should have at home.

“In the current world situation we need to try to focus on doing what we like, who is playing football, without worrying about the things we can’t control. We just focus on looking good alongside key players, “he said.

Reuters contributed to this report.