Steve Wozniak Schematics for Apple II Computer Sell Prototype for $ 630k at auction, Apple-1 goes for $ 737k

A set of schemes and programming instructions for a prototype version of an Apple II home computer were recently sold for $ 630,272 from RR Auction, the company said today.

steve wozniak schematics apple ii

The documents were written by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and included five pages of circulating schemes and notes on pages of graphic paper, a 12-page handwritten programming guide with 28 steps, and six pages with copies of “Bus Sources,” “Timing System,” “Display,” “Sync Timing & Adr. Gen,” and “Timing,” appear several notes.

Wozniak added notes, rotation changes, and programming notes to those pages while manually stringing the Apple II prototype, and confirmed the fact before the auction.

Along with a signed confirmation letter from Wozniak: “These documents, circa 1975, are my original Apple II prototype schemes and programming instructions. They are precious. On these ongoing diagrams, you can see even my way of breadboard, where I would go over links drawn in red as I put the wires in. At the time, I preferred to use a purple tip pen for writing, so it’s interesting to see those notes decades later. The prototype was handcrafted while I was still an engineer at the Hewlett-Packard Advanced Products Division, where I was involved in the design of handheld calculators. “

Along with those notes, an Apple-1 action computer was also sold off, priced at $ 736,862. Apple-1 devices were the first computers created by Apple and were sold by Steve Jobs out of his parents’ garage. Only 175 Apple-1 computers have been created, and less than half of those still exist.

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Other items sold at the auction include a “Battleship” keyboard signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak that went for $ 74,535 and a cue page named Steve Jobs, Monsters, Inc. that went for $ 12,501.