Stephen Colbert: The White House to ‘stick to its pandemic plan that has no plan’ Culture

Stephen colbert

With the first doses of the Covid vaccine now reaching healthcare workers across the U.S., light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is in time for the holidays, Stephen Colbert reported Thursday night from Delaware, where he was to conduct the first joint interview of Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, from the election. At the same time, the White House has “decided to stick to its pandemic plan that has no plan. “

On Wednesday, it was reported that former Housing and Health Human Services adviser Paul Alexander urged senior health officials over the summer to include a “herd protection” approach to Covid-19, which would have allowed millions of Americans become infected, “thereby transforming the Department of Health and Human Services into the Department of Hell and Human Sacrament,” Colbert asked.

As a result of Alexander’s plan – to allow the virus to run abruptly, using the concept of “herd immunity” that is often applied in immunization campaigns rather than outbreaks from infectious diseases – nearly 3m Americans would die. “If your plan to save humanity involves killing millions of people, you are not a health adviser. You are a Marvel spokesperson, ”said Colbert. “So clearly, it’s more important than ever that we get to the consecration.”

In the turbulent days of his leadership, a stew trumpet has considered giving his staff a blanket pardon, with requests logged on a spreadsheet; One White House defender told CNN that Trump’s last-minute pardon scramble is “a cunning turn.” ” “I’m sorry… turned cunning? colbert marveled. “This is the president who advised people to inject bleach, he said that a dead Venezuelan leader stole the election, he wanted to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland and he wanted to stop a hurricane with a nuclear bomb. We made the turn into a cunning city a long time ago, now we’re just making donuts in a cuckoo canyon. “

Seth meyers

On Late Night, Seth Meyers showed Biden’s optimistic vision of the future of bipartisan cooperation after Trump’s ouster. Biden is “trying to appeal to a Republican in an attempt to return to a bipartisan norm that is impossible,” Meyers said, drawing attention to recent comments in which the president was predicting “such as the shadow of Donald Trump will fade away, you are going to see a big change ”.

“Don’t get me wrong, after the last four years it’s good for a president to be optimistic,” Meyers said. “But sometimes hope can go back. Biden is like a football coach in a movie sport that says to a player, ‘you may be the youngest child on this team but you have the biggest heart. Now you go to show them what you can do!’ after which he sits next to the hospital bed saying, ‘Doc told me you broke the leg in 50 places, I didn’t even know that was possible!’ “

“When it comes to the Republican party, Donald Trump’s shadow is not just going away,” Meyers continued. “Anyway, not for a long time. He may not even leave the White House. It wouldn’t surprise him. me, even after he’s gone he’s still there, walking around the lawn where he used to scream questions around a helicopter engine. “

Meyers has insulted Republican politicians, such as Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who called for bipartisan push to “restore faith in the election” after voters were deceived by the President. sitting and GOP allies’ claims did not deceive voters. “Notice how Republicans do this little astronomical trick where they say that because their voters think the election was tight, that means we have to believe. back in our elections, “he said.

“If they think the choice is tight it’s just because you insist they are rigged.” You are the ones causing this problem. You can’t just turn around and say you want to fix it. These people are like bank robbers filling up money in a duffel bag and saying, ‘Anyway, you should get security cameras in here. ‘”

Jimmy kimmel

In Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel turned to Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, who received a Covid vaccine on television to demonstrate his safety. “I think the idea is that if it’s good enough for the first Karen in America, it should be good enough for the rest of them, too,” Kimmel said. “This is inspiring for Mike Pence. – the vaccine is the only time Mother will ever make shots with it. “

Pence’s public vaccination comes six months after he wrote an op-ed Wall Street statement that there would be a second wave of the pandemic in America. “That dose could save someone else,” Kimmel said. “A bottle of Clorox and a heat lamp are the only treatment Mike Pence should receive right now.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey has announced an auction for the opportunity to blow up the now-closed Trump Plaza Casino at Trump. Top bidder pushes the button at next year ‘s scheduled knockout – “we should go in and get this for Hillary Clinton, right?” Kimmel joked. “Of course, the easiest way to implode Trump’s casino is to just put Trump back over running again.”