Spider-Man reinforces the Ebony Can KILL Knull blade

In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black # 2, one of Knull’s dark creations proves that one weapon is capable of destroying the god of symbiotes.

WARNING: The following are spoilers for Symbiote Spider-Man: King in black # 2 with Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata and Joe Sabino at VC, now on sale.

In the “King in Black” event, Knull has finally reached Earth, and has taken over the entire planet in an unprecedented time. But today is not the only time where the dark god of the presence of symbiotes can be noticed. In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in black # 1, which takes place shortly after the 1984-1985 series of events Secret Wars, Knull ‘s attack proves that he has an influence on the past. Here, one of his dark creations, a shadow creature called Mister E, assumed the Ravencroft Institute in the name of his master.

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Now, in the second issue of the series, Mister E continues his attack in the past – and it’s only when he opposes the Black Knight that the shadow creature proves that the Ebony Blade was one weapon Knull could kill.

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In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in black # 1, Spider-Man in a black suit arrived at the Ravencroft Institute to find out that he had been taken over by Mister E, who had transformed everyone in the facility into a shadow creature like himself. The superhero accepted the monster but, thankfully, he didn’t have to face it alone: ​​the Black Knight reached the top of his winged horse, and his magic sword, the Ebony Blade, proved a terrible victory over Mister E.

Injured, the creature left the battlefield – and now, in issue # 2, Spider-Man and Black Knight set out to find it again. As they run, however, the two must separate: Spider-Man J. Jonah Jameson must be saved at the Daily Bugle, which is under attack from a shadow creature. As for the Black Knight, the Merlin wizard summons him back to Avengers Mansion.

While at the Avengers headquarters, the Black Knight communicates with Merlin, who claims to be Mister E. The shadow creature was just in the shape of a wizard to lure the Black Knight into a trap.

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The villain is after the Black Knight’s signature weapon, the Ebony Blade. The sword is a magical device created by Merlin. Its features allow it to cut through anything, and it is obscure to other magical attacks. In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in black # 1, we saw that the blade was able to injure Mister E, one of Knull’s creations. This showed that perhaps the weapon could influence the god of the symbiotes themselves – something that Mister E now confirms in this issue.

The shadow creature reveals that Knull is vulnerable to the Ebony Blade and, if given the proper power upgrade, could kill the cosmic villain. Mister E then takes the sword for himself, and throws the Black Knight with it before it disappears, saying that he has special plans for the magic sword.

Now, we know that Mister E has been in Knull’s service in the past, which means that it is possible that his mission is to hide the blade forever, or destroy it if he can . Still, despite his potential injuries, the Black Knight is now the only person in Marvel’s Universe to know Knull’s weakness. All he has to do is communicate this message from the past to the present in some way, or get his sword back and go into battle.

Fortunately, the time-traveling Kang finally arrives to save the Black Knight – and with the Avengers spokesman taking part in the same fight against Knull, he was able to help the Knight Black repeats what he knows over time: how to stop Knull, time and time again.

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