Slavia Prague has filed a complaint of assault by Kamara

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Ural Greenfeld takes out a red card (Reuters)

Ural Greenfeld takes out a red card (Reuters)

Last night, Uriel Greenfeld made a very successful appearance in a very difficult game at Ibrox, when he managed the 0: 2 match between Slavia Prague over Rangers and Steven Gerrard in the Europa League, in a game in which he drew two red cards, one of them to Chamber Rupee who brutally entered the face of Slavia goalkeeper, who turns on a stretcher while bandaged and unconscious. In the 73rd minute, the Israeli referee used the red card once more, this time when he pulled out a justified second yellow to host Leon Balogon.

The stormy winds between Slavia and the Rangers continued even after the game. Today (Friday) the Czech club announced that they have filed a criminal complaint with the Scottish Police for physical assault against team player Andrei Kudla. As you may recall, the defensive player was accused by Glenn Kamara of being racist when he allegedly said to him: “Monkey from ***”, while the Czech denies the allegations.

In Slavia Prague it is alleged that Kudla was punched in the face with intent to lead to his intentional injury. “The attack was brutal in full force in order to cause physical damage to our player,” the team’s official statement from Prague said. Police opened an investigation into the incident which was of course filmed.

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