Singer Keren Peles surprised gymnast Linoy Ashram from Rishon Lezion during a training session, after hearing that she appears in competitions to the tune of her song “If This Is Life”

Singer Keren Peles surprised gymnast Linoy Ashram from Rishon Lezion during a training session, after hearing that she appears in competitions to the tune of her song “If This Is Life”

Are we in a state of light at the end of the corona? Today and last week, shipments of corona vaccines began to arrive in Israel, in preparation for the start of vaccinations in Israel among the medical staff. The issue of vaccines and the speed with which they were approved has led to many discussions about the effectiveness of the vaccine, whether it is beneficial, and what its effects and consequences will be in the future. As with any subject there are those who support vaccines since it has passed FDA approvals and companies report efficiencies of over 90% of the vaccine compared to opponents who say there are many questions on the subject because it is done quickly and therefore there is not enough research on its effectiveness and effect on humans.

In light of the situation, we asked the members of the City Council and the residents of Rishon Lezion to express their opinions on the issue and whether they would be vaccinated when the vaccines were opened to the general public.

Opinion of City Council members:

Deputy Mayor, Idan Mizrahi

Of course I will, any opinion that is not in favor is an irresponsible opinion in my eyes.

Adv. Liel Even-Zohar Acting and Deputy Mayor:

Vaccination is the way to get the normal routine in the world and our lives back, and I intend to get vaccinated

Deputy Mayor, Avi Haim

In favor of the vaccine and as soon as the Ministry of Health gives its consent and the opening of the vaccines to the public, he and his family will go vaccinated in order to set an example for the residents, of course in accordance with the guidelines. The people’s concerns are especially legitimate in light of the fact that the approvals were given in a short time, but he does not think they would have approved the vaccine if it had been harmful to us.

Deputy Mayor, Maxim Bitzky

My family and I will go get the vaccine, I have no problem being among the first. I believe in these vaccines.

Deputy Mayor, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen

I am in favor of the vaccine and even the rabbis have expressed support for it. Understand people’s concerns but the question asked is which is better? So I think any person who is healthy should go get vaccinated and if he has health issues, is at risk of acting on the advice of doctors. The decision is ultimately up to each person individually.

Council member Yevgeny Rahman

I intend to get the vaccine according to the Ministry of Health procedure

Deputy Mayor, Dr. Efi Moshe

I personally intend to get vaccinated and so do my family members. I fully understand the concerns that exist among the population about the vaccine. However, we are in the midst of an epidemic that threatens not only our lives but also the livelihoods of the entire public and perhaps even the country’s economy. The risk, in my opinion, of not taking the vaccine outweighs the risk inherent in the vaccine itself.

The deputy mayor, Itai Matityahu

He is in favor of the vaccine and when it is possible to get vaccinated he will go and do it.

Council member, Dr. Hadas HaCohen

She is in favor of the vaccine and calls on the public to get vaccinated. Personally she has concerns like any person and ultimately, thinks that the choice whether to do the vaccine is a decision and choice of each person and at his discretion.

Deputy Mayor, Yossi Hammi

I personally agree to get vaccinated and even lead as the first vaccinated, and I hope my family will do the same.

Deputy Mayor, Efrat Abramovich

I will act according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Council member, Meirav Shmuel Dolev

In favor of the vaccine – she and her immediate family will be vaccinated because the vaccine has passed all the tests and received FDA approval. Understands the concerns but thanks to the situation the bureaucracy was cut and thus allowed the vaccine to be approved (although I would have been happy for the vaccine to be Israeli). The corona has hurt many areas of life: education but especially our quality of life and mental health – by causing us to distance ourselves from our loved ones. I will go to get vaccinated because this will allow me to see my parents and the soldier, without any restrictions.

Council member, Eitan Shalom

In favor of the vaccine and I will go get vaccinated as soon as possible. I think you should get vaccinated, and it’s nice one hour earlier, since you have to finish the corona to get back to routine, otherwise the people will collapse. Ultimately the decision is up to each person and he will make his own considerations.

Council member, Yifat Meirovich Yefet

Although the occult prevails over the overt in the matter, the adults in our family will be vaccinated. From our personal acquaintance with those who have fallen ill – this is a disease that can get complicated quickly, so I think we should all get vaccinated. As for children, we do not currently know what the recommendation would be, as there seems to be information (which I have not tested for reliability) regarding the effect on fertility. Regarding the children – we will wait for the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and consider accordingly. On this occasion, I would like to call on all residents of the city to continue to act in accordance with the guidelines and to ensure social distance and the use of masks. And another important thing – I wish Uncle Bitan a speedy recovery. We care about him very much, he is the living proof that the disease is very dangerous, even for people who are not elderly.

Council member, Eyal Moshiov

My family and I will be vaccinated, I trust the State of Israel, the Ministry of Health and the epidemic leaders who know very well what is good for us. Better than waiting to get infected and get sick. I respect every opinion and if there are those who are afraid I respect their opinion, everyone will do what is good for him and his family.

Council member, Michal Calderon

I am in favor of the vaccine and think that one should go and get vaccinated in order to interrupt the chain of infection and since the benefits of the vaccine are much greater than the disease itself. The vaccine will allow us to return to a kind of routine (to return to being “green”) in terms of meetings, trade, etc. This is of great importance.

Council member, Dr. Anat Leibowitz

I am in favor of the vaccine, regarding the concerns: naturally there are concerns. But the odds outweigh the risks and good and professional information is needed to reduce concerns.

Deputy Mayor, Adv. Surin Ganot

I will be the first to get vaccinated, as soon as possible. As for the family, my wife will be vaccinated like me and since my children are already adults they will decide for themselves

Deputy Mayor, Itzik Avshlomov

He thinks that first of all the medical staff and the populations at risk should be vaccinated – the older population, and only then will he be vaccinated. He understands people’s fears about the vaccine but in the end I think I’m going to get vaccinated.

Council member, Dana Foundation

Did not express her opinion because she thinks it is too early to express an opinion and everything is still fresh and no guidelines have been published regarding the vaccines.

Deputy Mayor Assaf Debol

Claims to go get vaccinated and calls on everyone to get vaccinated. We will start almost a year of vaccination and the disease is severe and complicated and when you put things at stake, the vaccine increases. I will not lie that there are concerns but when I hear about all cases of corona even among healthy people affected by the disease, I will unequivocally go get vaccinated.

Council member, Ilanit Harush

In favor of the vaccine and will do so of course after all the approvals and tests of the Ministry of Health.

Council member, Rabbi Shmuel Jamil:

I will act according to what the rabbis decide

Council member, Zion Cohen

I’m in favor of vaccines, and I’ll be among the first to get vaccinated. In my opinion if the vaccine has passed all the approvals, there is no reason not to get vaccinated. But every man should act according to the commandment of his heart.

Opinions of city residents:

Claudine Assistants:

She is in favor of the vaccine and if the vaccines open to all residents of Israel, she will be vaccinated (if he passes all the approvals and tests of the Ministry of Health). In her opinion, the corona should be eradicated like all the diseases and epidemics that the world has experienced in the past, such as smallpox, tuberculosis, etc., and only a vaccine will put an end to this and return us to our routine. She adds that this is the order of the hour, the corona has caused real damage to social life, employment and the vaccine can get us back on track in our lives, even though we will see its impact only in a few months when the vaccine will be worldwide. She understands the concerns but we all want to live and the vaccine can prevent that.

Roni Akirav:

In favor of the vaccine and he will get vaccinated and will also recommend his family to do so. He claims that if we do not do this, we will not get out of the situation, understand the concerns, but think that the more time passes and the more people who are vaccinated, the more people will join.

Dana Ajami:

Go get vaccinated, want to get back to normal life because otherwise we will continue to go with masks and restrictions. She claims that once the FDA, which is considered a very strict body, gave the approval, it is the sign that the vaccine can be done and my family also supports the vaccine.

Ziv Nehama

He is in favor of the vaccine and so is his immediate family. He claims that the vaccine will lead to us being free from restrictions. Since it will take time for the vaccines to reach the residents since the medical staffs are being vaccinated first, this time will help people decide whether to carry out the vaccine. Ziv thinks that the restrictions they plan to make on those who do not carry out the vaccine will eventually convince them to do it. Ultimately the decision is personal to each person individually.

Iris Cohen

Will I or my family get vaccinated – the answer is that I personally am not one of those who run fast to get vaccinated.

Until then I take great care to keep my distance and wear a mask in my mouth and nose in the presence of people regularly, for the sake of my family I think we are of the same opinion I am proud of the courage in those who go vaccinated first wish health to all the people of Israel and the whole world.

Guy Barak

I will not be vaccinated at this stage for the corona vaccine, and my children under the age of 16 and therefore the question is not relevant to them at all.

I am generally in favor of vaccines, but these are vaccines that have been in use for a long time and there is a lot of information about their effectiveness, dangers and side effects. The corona vaccine is a vaccine that was developed at record speed, received approvals in an expedited procedure like never before in any other vaccine and works with a different technology from other vaccines. We do not know enough not about its effectiveness, not about its side effects and certainly not about its dangers.

Mickey Oak

From the beginning of the corona epidemic my family and I adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and we rely solely on their professional opinion and despite the natural concerns we will get vaccinated (including my officers boys) to return to a life of sanity, travel and spend time. Regarding the debates about getting vaccinated or not, I accept that there are people with allergies or pregnant women, people with various diseases who express concerns but do not accept the influx of Pike News that surfers flood on social networks as the vaccine is to gain control of the population or to implant a chip and more and more … Go get vaccinated and drive responsibly, Happy holiday.

Iris Hazan

As for the vaccine, I thought about it quite a bit, the whole corona issue has affected quite a few citizens and not just the virus itself, the ones whose lives have changed for us in an instant and changed its entire agenda. I definitely intend to get vaccinated and set a personal example for the public and for the purpose, for business, for the economy, for everyone and for us to return to routine and regular activities soon. As for my nuclear family, my husband and children will no doubt be vaccinated.

On the subject of the general debate over whether or not to get vaccinated is understandable and legitimate, people are certainly afraid of side effects and more such and such conspiracies and speculations. We will know in half a year – change the results and consequences of the vaccine and if we really see a significant decrease as a result, I believe that most of the population will be vaccinated. I sincerely hope that sanctions will not be necessary for the public to be vaccinated.

Dadison waves:

At the moment my family and I are not going to get vaccinated, the fear of the unknowing side effects of the vaccine is terribly stressful. We are in a period where it is not known what the vaccine contains and what can be caused as a result of the introduction of the vaccine into the body. People fear and rightly so that when you go to get vaccinated you are actually going into the unknown because you do not know what can be caused in the body following the vaccine.

Adi Zohar

I believe in getting vaccinated and getting back to routine as soon as possible and would recommend to my family and relatives and anyone who can do so