Singer and actress Yona Atari (Gali Atari’s sister) who grew up in the Shaareiim neighborhood in Rehovot passed away today, March 11, at the age of 85

Singer and actress Yona Atari (Gali Atari’s sister) who grew up in the Shaareiim neighborhood in Rehovot passed away today, March 11, at the age of 85

Success for a conference initiated by the Rehovot Municipality for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses.

Last week, on December 7, a Zoom conference was held in favor of exposing the small and medium-sized businesses in the city to the “WE19” grants project. Conference attendees were exposed to the submission process, the terms and options available to them, and expressed satisfaction with its existence. Immediately after the conference, a video was also distributed by Mayor Rahamim Malul, calling on small businesses to apply for the grant.

Before the conference was held, 72 businesses from the city were registered, after the conference, with increasing exposure to the possibility of receiving the grants, the number of registrants jumped from 70 registrants to 140 – twice as many registrants! .

At the conference, which took place just days before the registration for the grant ended, the mayor, Rahamim Malul, who attended the conference, called on all businesses that meet the grant conditions to apply, as this is an extraordinary opportunity to generate growth for local businesses and thus strengthen economic resilience in the city.

Also present at the conference were the Deputy Mayor and holder of the Business Licensing portfolio, Adv. Yaniv Markowitz, Director of the Business Licensing Division, Revital Koren, Council member Guy Tzur, Nissim Salman, CEO of Halar, Adv. Adi Mottola, VP of Hel R. and head of business and entrepreneurship, as well as council member Aviv Itach.

As stated, the purpose of the WE19 project is to lead to the growth, rehabilitation and development of these start-up businesses by providing grants of up to NIS 50,000.

The process of selecting the final candidates for the grant will be done through an innovative platform in the world of philanthropy. The platform is based on peer review where the candidate public selects the winners of the grants in the belief that a small business knows best for another.

Rahamim Malul, Mayor:

“We are aware of the special struggles of small and medium-sized business owners in Israel on weekdays, easy and material these days with the difficulties posed by reality in the days of Corona. Therefore, from the beginning of the period of dealing with the virus, “This project is for the benefit of the business owners in the city. We will continue to do everything possible to help them get through this difficult period.”

Yaniv Markowitz, Deputy Mayor:

“Young businesses that have just started operations between 2019-2020 face a particularly challenging reality. The Business Licensing Department will continue to be a significant address for all business owners, in fruitful collaboration with the Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.”

Adi Motula:

“Before the conference, we set a goal of doubling the number of applicants for the grant, and fortunately we were able to increase the number of registrants for the project satisfactorily. Accurate and valuable information for businesses in the city – and we will continue to work for the benefit of the interest intensively. “