Shortly before the wedding it became clear: the groom had converted in his youth incorrectly


Photo: Yad Laachim

A human story that came close to the brothers reveals the immediate consequences of the unfortunate High Court ruling that recognizes Reform and Conservative conversions and brings the fateful problem closer to the doorstep of Torah and mitzvot observant families as well.

Recently, observant parents from the south, whose daughter was about to get married, approached the brothers. The parents, who showed a principled affection for the recipient, wanted to find out more about his identity and roots before the wedding date was finally decided. It turned out that the guy was adopted by his parents as a child and is from South America. A more in-depth investigation revealed that the child was converted by his adoptive parents at a non-Orthodox conversion institute and registered with the Ministry of the Interior as a Jew for all intents and purposes

The family is now facing the daughter seeking to marry the intended groom and has therefore turned to the professional help of Yad LaHaim.

Yad Laachim confirmed the details of the case this week and said that “this proves the justice of the great concerns following the High Court’s decision.” See it as a real threat.Some have added that the controversy and media noise are being exploited by various parties to increase their electoral power in elections, and therefore it is advisable not to engage in the matter.

On the other hand, Byd Laachim notes with great sorrow that the concerns are completely justified. “For years we have been aware of the phenomenon of illegally converted immigrants, who are undermining the people of Israel without leaving a trace of their past. Not one or two of them are themselves unaware of the problematic nature of the matter.”

Against the background of the extensive and painful experience acquired by Yad LaHaim in the assimilation rescue fields, the organization emphasizes that “the matter concerns all sections of the public without any difference” and that there are a number of illustrations: ” Whoever seems to them to be a Jew and only after a while it turns out that he or his mother underwent an incorrect conversion. The intensities of pain and fracture should not be described, especially when things become clear only in the advanced stages of the relationship. acceleration”.

Yad Laachim mentions that “the Torah and Mitzvot observant public now employs a wide variety of styles and constitutes a large part of the population. It also faces changes in the worldviews of the younger generation, so that the trouble of assimilation does not miss it either.”