Shmil Ben-Ari: The player will not participate in the next season of rehearsals

Another blow to the Israeli production “Rehearsals”: After the publication of the investigation into the actor and creator Erez Driggs, at the center of which four women claimed that Driggs sexually harassed them, today (Sunday) it was published in Walla! Culture that if the series wins a second season, actor Mill Ben Ari will not participate in it. According to the report, a senior official at the broadcasting corporation said that “if there is a second season, the chances of Mill Ben-Ari being in it are nil.” In addition, the creator of the series apologized today to the women he hurt.

The publication comes after this morning the Haaretz newspaper published testimonies of a number of women who claim that they were sexually harassed by the actor, some while they were minors. According to one of the published testimonies, D. was harassed by Mill in the play “Peter Pan,” before she turned 13. “I remember one of the trips back home, in the production car. I slept. I know I woke up with his finger inside my mouth. I do not know if there were things beyond that, a lot of things I put behind, but this part with the finger in the mouth I remember for sure“, She argued.

Last week, Ben-Ari said in an interview that “there are actresses, women, who are a little discounted on this important Me too thing, and sometimes cling to a crooked and shaky barrel, clinging, for two minutes of dubious glory.”

As mentioned, the new evidence about Ben-Ari comes about ten days after the publication of an investigation that contains evidence of abusive conduct and alleged sexual harassment by actor Erez Driggs. According to the investigation, the actor conducted sexual correspondence with the women, some of them minors, who continued even after they asked him to stop. It was further alleged that Driggs “systematically harmed women in the world of theater and outside it”, and that his behavior led to “the active exclusion of women and prevented them from advancing or at least feeling comfortable in the environment”.

Erez Driggs (Photo: Reuven Castro)

In response to the interrogation, Driggs said that “the post written by Ofir Sagarsky following my interview with Yedioth Ahronoth flooded my behavior, behavior that harmed her, behavior that harmed others as well. To change.