Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay

Saturday night, the New Japan Cup the field went down to two keepers as the semi-finals were completed. On Sunday night, these two contestants will go face-to-face, with the winner walking out as winner and winning a chance at Kota Ibushi and the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Here is the New Japan Cup final preview.

Name card so far:

– New Japan Cup Final: Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay

Japan Cup Final: Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay

The battle to get from range 32 down to two has not been as lacking in descent and evacuation as elevation has been a topic and in the finals there are two competitors who did not hold second. some IWGP Heavyweight or Inter-Divisional Tournaments to the finals. It’s been two very different roads for Los Ingobernables De Japon‘s Shingo Takagi and the United Empire director There will be an Ospreay. Here is a look at their two trips to the New Japan Cup last.

Shingo Takagi

Shingo Takagi Road through New Japan Cup brags haven’t been as impressive, beating the best of them – including two former IWGP Heavyweight Champions – to get to the finals to the left of the game. represent a brake. His first round matchup saw him face the big deal Kazuchika Okada. A game that saw many see Takagi as the underdog he saw emerge when he hit two Japan-made finishers on the damaged Okada. Considering his favorite elimination in the first round with “The Dragon,” Takagi’s stock immediately rose to the top of the brake and encouraged him to rise much further.

Takagi would then go into a tough second-round battle as he would against it Hirooki Goto. The two were hit hard nearly 25 minutes into one of the best hits of the entire tournament before Takagi came out again as the winner. A survivor is probably a better way to look at it. However, “The Dragon” would move on KENTA in a head-to-head between two actors who made their names outside of NJPW. Takagi seemed unable to find an easy break in terms of hard hitters, as KENTA is seen as one of the scariest strikers in wrestling. The 38-year-old emerged as the winner with a place in the semi-finals against 2020 New Japan Cup winner, EVIL.

EVIL had used it all Club Bullet antics to try to get back to the New Japan Cup finals, using Dick Togo to his advantage and even with the help of Yujiro Takahashi In addition. But when he and Takagi arrived, nothing would stop “The Dragon” from reaching the top of the competition. Winning for Takagi added to the notion that this may actually be time for him to rise to the top of the NJPW ladder, but he has one final stop before he gets a hopeful glory.

There will be an Ospreay

Since the creation of the United Empire, Will Ospreay has been looking for that signature benefit. Aig Kingdom of Wrestle 15, Ospreay lost Kazuchika Okada who stopped that rise he was trying to find by creating his own druid. The New Japan Cup that was the place to try to reject that move. First round victory over the four-time IWGP Heavyweight Championship Hiroyoshi Tenzan implement those plans. From there came a second round meet with a compatriot and a long-time rival, Zack Saber Jr.. In their game, Saber Jr. broke. Ospreay nose while also aiming at the shoulder again. It seemed several times that “The Aerial Assassin” was going to come up short and that the United Empire would be out of the competition, but with Stormbreaker to Saber Jr. Ospreay fled into the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals were showing a special bout with SANADA, which had a history of making hard scratches in the New Japan Cup in the past. This was the second ever singles bout between Ospreay and SANADA, just raising the interest rate much more. They went in there as if they had been competing for years on end, showing intense intensity with each other. Despite the heroes close to the “Cold Skull,” Ospreay found itself with a win and one step closer to the finals. The semi-final matchup was amazing with that, as one half of the IMPACT Tag Team Winners David Finlay has been the Cinderella story of the contest, with the most confusion coming against it Jay White in the quarter-quarters.

It was a great time for Ospreay to play a spoiler to such a magical run again that it did, stopping Finlay and earning him a place in the finals. “The Assassin” has a growing United Empire and a potential win in the finals could take them to the top of the NJPW for years to come.

Who will win?

Replace the Best of the Super Juniors XXVI finals seemed to be expected at this point. Now as a depression, these two have risen to the top of the food chain in NJPW. It was the last time these two turned off G1 Climax last year and saw Takagi walk away winning. But that “game of the year” contestant from BOSJ in 2019 was the starting point for Ospreay. This game is going to be physical with enough strength between the two fighters. And while he may go one way with a chance at Kota Ibushi, Ospreay seems to be the man most likely to walk away as a New Japan Cup winner

Last year was the real moment for EVIL, so could the same be said for one of these two men? Time will tell.

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