Shabbat is happy in the playoffs, it’s a pity Netanya is not there

Tonight (Saturday), Maccabi Haifa closed the regular season in the Premier League with a great 0: 2 victory over Maccabi Netanya in the eyes of the satisfied audience of Sami Ofer, from goals by Nikita Rokavica and Raz Meir. Barak Bachar’s team played very good football, and the Diamonds will not be in the top playoff in light of the loss to the Greens.

The Greens coach, Lightning Bachar, He said at the end: “A team came here and after the goal we scored took over and played at a high level. We did not find solutions and we could not press, I am glad that we changed in the half and managed to score the second, and it is a pity that Netanya is not in the top playoff. The imbalance? We felt they controlled too easily, we were soft, we had to create more situations so we had to change or we had to absorb, and glad it helped. ”

Maccabi Haifa players celebrate with Raz Meir (Omri Stein)

Which team will we get for the playoffs: “We finished the regular season well and it was important, the team in front of us fought for space and life, now you can rest, Muhammad Abu Fani was with the rest of his strength, need this rest and break, sure we will start the playoffs in the best and energetic way and become the team we want to be. “Glad that the GSS has reached the top playoff, it will be an interesting playoff.”

Raz Meir He said at the end: “It was an important goal for me, glad we won because it was very easy and in front of a great team that pressed high, and happy that we took the points. I do my job, when I defend right I try to do the job and do the best, I am happy that so far I and the players are doing a great job and with the help of the name we will take a championship. I am currently a Maccabi Haifa player and of course I want to continue. “

Raz Meir Celebrates (Omri Stein)Raz Meir Celebrates (Omri Stein)

Diamond Coach, Raymond Atwald, He said at the end: “Of course we are very disappointed, what we showed on the field, people from Maccabi Haifa came to me and said it was unbelievable. I am proud of these players, they tried to bring the game against a team from the top, you saw how many situations we had, there was no team that got into so many situations here against Maccabi Haifa, but the finish was not good enough. “If the two points we dropped in front of Hadera were with us, we would be in the playoffs. One of the referees also told me that he was wrong there, but the learning process continued, it’s a shame to lose like that, we played amazing.”

Raymond Atwald (Omri Stein)Raymond Atwald (Omri Stein)

Almog Cohen He concluded: “All season we are in fifth or sixth place, this time it is the first time we are not in the top six, obviously it is disappointing, we have suffered from naivety. We do not know how to play non-offensive football, we are offensive in any situation, until the last third we had amazing football and lots of opportunities, unfortunately today it shows all the last games, also against Hadera we missed a lot and it was the decisive game, but we will continue to play this way. We are disappointed, at the beginning of the year when we were built we thought we would be down but we created expectations for ourselves ”.