Seth Rogen is working with Steven Spielberg for a new film, and his role is weird

Not to mention Steven Spielberg’s voice cameo in Greg Mottola’s book Paul, this film celebrates the first time Seth Rogen and the director had the opportunity to collaborate. Given the role of a fun uncle in the film, it’s easy to imagine that the role allows Rogen to stick to his comic skills – but depending on the tone of the story it ends. listeners can be confident that the actor can deliver an amazing face as well. While he hasn’t had many opportunities in that field, his journey as Steve Wozniak is in Danny Boyle Steve Jobs all the proof one needs that he can do a bad job, and it would be nice if his part in the Spielberg feature presents him with a real challenge.

It should also be noted that a sort of kismet in Seth Rogen appears in a film made by Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner, which is made self-explanatory by watching the clip below. from Knocked up: