Sephiroth’s greatest strengths and weaknesses

Sephiroth has not been officially released, but is probably the strongest cheater in Smash Bros. Here’s a breakdown of what the character does best.

When Nintendo announced that Sephiroth was the next one Ultimate Smash Bros. The character is DLC, a common thought among fans that the character has the potential to be the strongest in the whole game. Although Sephiroth will not officially release until December 22, it looks like it may be the best cheater already. Control. On Thursday, Nintendo released their usual pre-release character play highlighting Sephiroth’s entire move set. However, the pitch ended with an unexpected special announcement. Players who have already purchased Sephiroth DLC can fight it early in the Sephiroth Challenge. Anyone who has already gone through the struggle of the Sephiroth Challenges can test how good this character is.

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The biggest thing that stands out is about Sephiroth Smash Bros. his sword. He may actually have the longest reach of any character in the game, though the center of his sword will do the most damage. The hit box on the smash up is pretty big. Don’t get caught in the air above Sephiroth, otherwise players will tend to intervene and quickly eliminate them. His sword isn’t the only thing that gives Sephiroth range as his unique side, easy-to-handle explosives, can be a pain to deal with. The range on attack is not very good, but it is something that should be avoided whenever possible. The explosives stack up, so Sephiroth can attach five at a time, which can be deadly in mid-air.

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As well as his range, SSBU’s Sephiroth is also fast and powerful. Any of his smash attacks have starting power to send off a flying opponent. Its uniquely neutral feature is a fireball that can send it to incredible explosive potential. The range of the attack shrinks further which is maintained, but if cut completely, it creates one of the most explosive attacks of all. Control. The special thing at Sephiroth is great for overcoming and dealing heavy damage. The move can be directed directly, similar to Fox’s specialty, but there can be an additional cost to Sephiroth’s. Hitting up a smash will be just one slash attack, but cutting it will turn it into eight fast and brutal shots. In addition, when Sephiroth’s health is low, he enters the One Winged Angel mode. This transformation makes it faster, stronger, and gives it an extra mid-air jump. His Final Smash can hit up to three at once, deal near deadly damage, and affect status.

Sephiroth Smash has some disadvantages, but not many

For so good of a Smash Bros. the character is Sephiroth, it’s not perfect, and there are a number of things that hold the character back. While his sword has cowardly reach, Sephiroth’s special attacks lack the best range. Its unique neutrality can strike from almost anywhere, but it stops in contrast to the damage inflicted by the accused versions, which do not travel far at all. Sephiroth has almost every special attack in SSBU an accusation can be made, which opens a window of opportunity for opponents, albeit a small one. A special down Sephiroth is a counter, but not the best. He can only block attacks from the front and has a limit to how strong an attack can be. If Sephiroth tries to carry out an attack that is too powerful, his counter will break and he will take the damage.

Sephiroth is one of the biggest weaknesses Smash Bros. they appear to be grapples. He does good damage from them and his own grapple attacks are less strong. One of the best ways to hit the Sephiroth Challenge is to use a fast attacker with good access to their grips. Donkey Kong has become one of the progressive characters to overcome the challenge, as he can easily pick up characters and walk off the map. One other advantage of Sephiroth is that its uniqueness has a clear narrative. Three arrows appear in front of Sephiroth in the direction he is about to attack, so opponents know what is coming and where.

Anyone hoping to get their hands on that powerful Sephiroth can do so by purchasing his DLC for it Ultimate Smash Bros. and trying the Sephiroth Challenge on the hardest challenge.

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