Sephardi Chief Rabbi to visit UAE Jewish community, establish new school

Israeli President Sephardi Rabbi Yitzhak left Yosef Thursday to visit the Jewish community of the United Arab Emirates marking the first time a sitting rabbi leader has visited an Arab country. During the trip, which is planned to be extended from December 17-20, he will take part in a number of exciting activities such as the establishment of a newly confirmed Jewish nursery and in a special ceremony, the investment of Rabbi Levi Duchman as a community Rabbi Jewish Emirati “The visit of the Chief Rabbi is as historic as it is a great honor for us to host him here in the Emirates,” said Duchman, the JCC rabbi where Yosef will be a guest of honor to Shabbat. “We are delighted to welcome him as we dedicate and break down a number of our new centers, which are being built with the speed and efficiency with which the UAE has become known throughout the world, “Duchman said. In his time there, Yosef also breaks down community prospects mikveh . Daniel Seal, trustee of the Beit Tefillah synagogue – the first confirmed synagogue now and then in Abu Dhabi. “Thanks to the Crown Prince, His Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, we can now have a new time of co-operation in the region., and we aim to ensure that we come to work or visit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout the Emirates, that we have access to Jewish centers and services, “said Seal.

Some tens of thousands of Israelis have traveled to the UAE just weeks after trade missions were established between the Jewish state and the Gulf. “Dubai has already seen a wave of Israelis visiting from the Abraham Accords, and this is just the beginning of the potential for tourism and cooperation between Israel and the Emirates,” said the President of the Jewish Community Center in Dubai, Solly Wolf. “Chief Rabbi’s visit I hope will go a long way in consolidating the goodwill and warm ties between the Jewish and Muslim people of the area,” Wolf said.