Sebastian Stan, Lily James cast as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson in the upcoming series

Sebastian Stan and Lily James are expected to appear as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson in an upcoming limited edition biography titled “Pam & Tommy,” according to The Deadline.

The limited edition is set in the mid-90s, of course, and will be the epitome of out-of-place romance, turbulent relationships and the controversy behind the sex tape.

The “Baywatch” star and drummer Mötley Crüe met in 1995 and got married after just 96 hours of getting to know each other. After rollercoaster love at first sight and marriage came a sex tape, which was stolen and released by a man played by the comedian Seth Rogen.

The Pineapple Express star will also be releasing the series, and Craig Gillespie has reportedly signed as director and Rob Siegel as writer. Rogen and producer Evan Goldberg have been developing the project through their Point Gray production co-op, and it looks like it’s starting from the ground up with the main actors now on board, as the Deadline reports.

Stan and James keep busy. While James is best known for his roles in “Rebecca, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” and “Cinderella,” she also appears in an upcoming short series entitled “The Pursuit”. of Love. Stan has worked with director Gillespie on “I, Tonya,” and has starred as Bucky / Winter Soldier in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films and in the forthcoming film “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. coming for Disney Plus in 2021.

“Pam & Tommy” will feature eight programs. The series will begin filming in Spring 2021 and the first release on Hulu is expected sometime after that, according to Deadline.

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