Season two review Masked Singer | Show returns with a strong helpline

When we first read for The Masked Singer, we couldn’t believe that a show like this would ever work on UK television. Celebs with subtle curses while singing on stage – “who would want to see that?” just one of the thoughts that came to my mind.

However, after a very successful debate earlier this year, it was confirmed that millions – including ourselves – were cracking down on who was behind the mask, before Queen Bee, aka Nicola. Roberts, announced as winner.

The exciting show based on the Korean series, King of Mask Singer, was a success and was commissioned for a second series, which will go on this Boxing Day.

And after a quick preview, we can confirm that viewers are in for a good chance. Bring out your notebooks as this series is sure to get you in search of a wild goose.

From a sleek new judge in the form of Mo Gilligan – who blends brilliantly with returning judges Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, and pound / guest master Joel Dommett – to rival rivals The Masked Singer, the second series is ready to get bigger and better, if you ask us.

With coronavirus restrictions in place, the result of entertainment manifestations has taken a small hit. But if there’s any show that works in pandemic, it’s The Masked Singer where celebs don’t get a bad reputation and you don’t get anywhere near them until they reveal who’s under the mask .

Block a few perspex windows on the judges ’desk and masks with masks, you never knew row two was being filmed in the midst of a pandemic.

Of course, this extra level of security hardly works in favor of the show because it ramps up the show’s secrecy, with even Joel unable to get so close to competitors.

Along with the sheer level of talent on this year’s series (I’ll give my hat to the throwing team here), it looks like the bar has gone up for series two, with the judges very much cheering. struggle to find out who the celebs are.

From some very weird complaints (ahem, Mo) to one judge who has a completely different opinion to the others when it comes to one particular act, this series will have blown your mind!

Masked singer Davina McCall

The judge is Masked Singer Davina McCall

However, you may have written a name or two when you watched The Masked Singer before, this year you’ll be throwing names from 80s stars down to some of her closest friends. panel – and it’s really addictive.

More than ever, you’ll want to find out who’s behind the Dragon mask, Grandfather Clock, sausage and more. Plus, judging by the judges, tuning them out, and not forgetting Joel’s father’s jokes, will not fuel you.

At first you smile and think, “It’s not that he wouldn’t be that man!” and then you’ll find yourself Googling if the judges might be right.

On top of this, you’ll be surprised by the jaws dropping achievements from the competitors (because wow these people can really sing), which definitely throws you even more.

The Masked Singers are judging


The Masked Singers are judging

This year sees comedian Mo, who will take over from actor and comedian Ken Jeong.

While Jeong – who is also working on the US version of the show – misses him, the new judge contributes well to the panel, bringing his candid comments and effortless humor to the team.

From time to time you can see him yelling at Joel to make a more horrible joke, which adds another level of humor to the series.

Then Rita and Jonathan have the constant banter, along with how bad Davina is as she scrapes down clues, which ensures the perfect balance.

With an amazing lineup and the obvious chemistry between the judges, we know just what will we be gearing up for this Christmas!

The Masked Singer will air on ITV on December 26 at 7pm. Are you looking for something to watch? Find out what’s on with our TV guide.