Season four of ‘Fall Guys’ includes seven new sci-fi-themed rounds

Quarter 4 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout now live, and Mediatonic has launched the patch notes and trailer.

Season 4 has a futuristic theme, and is set in the year 4041. The update adds seven new rounds for players to compete in, as well as new challenges, costumes and new features. A launch trailer is available below:

Skyline Stumble is expected to be the main event: the new 60-player round features new sci-fi obstacles such as low gravity, force fields and lasers.

The rest of the new rounds continue into the theme of the future, with Hoverboard Heroes forcing players to ride across narrow oceans on hoverboards, while Basketball is a staple in weightlifting. low.

New features also include a Squads mode that rewards all four members of a squad, if any of the four members win the final round.

Squad Mode supports two new round types: Squad Race and Survival Squad. These new rounds take into account the score of each member for elimination purposes.

New money, Crown Shards, has also been added. A collection of 60 of these will reward players with a crown. Daily challenges have also been added, which reward players with bags of Fame and Crown Shards when ready.

There was also a list of minor changes and improvements, including “Sturdier Beans”, aimed at preventing players from entering a ragdoll state after a light crash, and changes to how the game handles physics simulation. for remote players.

The full child notes can be found on the official Mediatonic website.

Earlier this year, Epic Games confirmed that they had purchased Mediatonic. Epic Games assured Fall Guys fans that “gameplay is not changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms”.