Saturday Night Live: Regina King shining, throwing Trump impeachment | Saturday Night Live opens on Tucker Carlson Tonight. After going through a “scattered gathering of people who are not afraid of fear”, the weaselly Carlson (Alex Moffat, banging commentator) moves on to cover Donald Trump’s release in the -Senation.

He welcomes “pet teacher” Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), who wants the country to focus on the very important issues: “Locking up Hillary and freeing beautiful Britney Spears.” to fellow Republican senator Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), who has to swallow his pride and carry water for Trump even though Trump declared Cruz ‘s wife ugly in 2016.

Bad comments from Trump’s defense team continue, before things come up with a brief visit from Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), who will “let out” his logic to vote for despite the thought that Trump is “guilty as hell, and the worst. I’ve ever met, and I hope that every city, county and state locking her ass! “

While the coldness of the past few weeks has not been a major shock, this lazy, laughing apology for a political statement in memory of the show is at its worst.

Regina King hosts. The new Oscar – winning actor and director notes, “if you’re black, you probably know me from being in some of your favorite movies, and if you’re white you might you know me from Watchmen – or this monologue right now. ”With her is Kenan Thompson, disguised as a member of Run DMC, as her hype man, haunting some of the audience for“ NOT CLAPPING LOUD ENOUGH ”.

What’s Your Type is a date show on MTV. King plays the “sexy single” looking for a “cringy white dude in his early 40s”. The three contestants include a man who tries a way too hard to show off her bona fides female, a musician who explodes into a song at the drop of a hat (in the his case, a lame fedora), and a strange dweeb who can’t keep from making loud joking voices. Somehow, they all get King’s motor running. She picks up the dweeb.

Peletaunt is the cynical response for Peleton. Instead of relying on conventional corny stimuli, the device’s meaningful coaches “pull from emotional manipulations”, such as disillusionment, pranks, “avoidance bonding style” and withering judgment, to provide gaslight users everything.

Next, King and Thompson play marriage lawyers who help get settlements for people who have used Gorilla Glue as a result of hair removal. “A mistake that can happen to anyone,” they explain, “is like brushing your teeth with an H preparation”. Ego Nwodim, Chris Redd, Cecily Strong and Punkie Johnson will play the “NOT stupid people” they represent.

A group of friends gather over wine. All the suburban women give kitschy decorative signs to the birthday girl who starts innocently – “Wine gets better with age, I get better with wine ”- but quickly turns dark:” Hey barkeep, I want to die tonight “,” I drink too much “,” My supporter thinks I’m in bed “,” I have sex and my house is dirty “. Then King plays a police mediator dealing with a hostile situation after he unknowingly eats a bag of weaving herbs. Both sketches promising start but they don’t go as subtle or dark as it could be.

The musical guest of the night is Nathaniel Rateliff, who plays Redemption. On Weekend Update, Colin Jost laments the result of impeachment, the “worst test ever”. Speaking from a black perspective, Michael Che is not surprised that Trump was acquitted, explaining, “Just because there is video evidence, that doesn’t mean you get convicted.”

His first guest is QAnon member Stephanie Green (McKinnon), a witch – as she was, green-skinned, long nose with a boil, pointed hat – who joined the group just to learn more about the cable that secret of child eaters. Surprisingly, one thought that this idea could be worth a minute of humor, not to mention three or four.

A little later, Drunk Tom Brady (Bennett) pops up to celebrate his Super Bowl victory. He angrily runs former coach Bill Belichick (“You’re not my dad anymore!”), Uses his beaten cup to take the top off a bottle of beer and spins with depression. about how no one likes it. “They thought they’d talk about the winners … but all they’re talking about is how I kiss my sons.”

Disco diva Fliona prepares to perform a concert in Chicago, only to find that none of her requests have been met. Everyone is having fun playing pictures in the 70s and going through difficult tongue tubs, but the sketch ends far too suddenly, seemingly cut for a while. Still, the team, King and Bowen Yang in particular, find themselves with a screwball aplombball.

In the final sketch, a stage school assembly welcomes a female theater group to perform a “child-friendly version” of their Vagina Monologues-esque show. They exchange body part for elbows but it is unclear what they are talking about. Kudos to the King and the show for slipping the “See You Next Tuesday” joke past the censors. Ratliff and his band, The Night Sweats, then close the show with A Little Honey.

This was a pretty good event, with a low smile throughout. King has always been a funny actress, so it’s no surprise she felt at home. It ‘s just too bad that she didn’t get that one big, memorable sketch to fully showcase her powers. Hope to return soon.