Samsung’s sale is bringing the Watch 3 LTE down to the cheapest price ever

Samsung is clearly hoping to get a slice of your third promotional check or upcoming tax refund, as the brand has launched a week-long sales event that gave it the go-ahead. Samsung spring event. Every day there will be a new perspective on the day. Today it’s time to save on a new smartwatch, because Samsung is on the Galaxy Watch 3 with LTE by 38%, bringing it as low as $ 140 for the 41mm model if you’re willing to trade in an old smartwatch, smartphone or tablet towards the purchase.

That’s not all. In addition to the watch, Samsung offers 10% off all purchases in three categories: home appliances (which includes refrigerators, washers and dryers, vacuums, microwave and air purifiers, to name a few) , mobile devices (phones – other Samsung including phone cases, earbuds, smartwatches) and computer monitors.

Speaking of devices, Samsung is introducing free installation on select home appliances and entertainment products during the sale, as well as free shipping and disposal on all devices home.

There’s one more reason to take a look at the sales, and it helps if you’re feeling lucky – each purchase offers an entry in Samsung’s competition that includes prizes up to $ 5,000. To apply, make a purchase at Samsung anytime between March 22 and March 28, and you’ll automatically enter the picture, which starts on April 8. The first place is $ 5,000, but three second-place winners earning $ 3,000 each and a half-dozen third-place winners $ 1,000.

Planning the day for March 23rd

Watch Samsung Galaxy 3

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Today is a good day to grab a stylish flagship watch – the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with LTE is marked down by a whopping 38%, allowing you to grab one as cheap as $ 140 off after trading in or $ 300 altogether. Even without the inward trade, you save around $ 50 compared to conventional retailer conventional prices. Perhaps the best part of the Galaxy Watch 3 is its innovative rotating bezel. Just spin it to cycle through your apps, notifications, music and more. There are a lot of good smart watches out there, but only Samsung offers an interface that is fun, simple and elegant.

But there is much more to this watch than just a spinning bezel. Samsung is now competing with Apple when it comes to health and fitness, with an FDA-approved ECG sensor, SpO2 and VO2 Max, trip detection, and the standard heart rate sensor. It has a catalog of 40 exercises, and can automatically sense and start tracking seven of them. You can read Jay McGregor’s Galaxy Watch 3 review to get a better sense of its working capabilities.

The built-in GPS and LTE cellular service means you don’t even have to take your phone with you all the time; the watch can stand on its own, especially for workplaces. And while you may not get a week of battery life out of the Watch 3, it can run for nearly two days on a charge.

Don’t forget – this 38% deal is for today only, so take a look at the various options and see if you can find one. It is available in black, silver and bronze, for example, as well as two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. There will be a new contract of the day tomorrow.