Samsung’s Galaxy Note series offers some of the most expensive phones around, but 2020 hasn’t been as kind as the high-end smartphone market. Earlier this month, rumors began circulating that Samsung was considering crushing its Note line for targeting packages. Now the company is blaming the rumor mill, claiming that the Note will not retire in the future.

According to an anonymous Samsung official, the company is, of course, preparing to release a new entry in the Galaxy Note series for 2021, despite reports saying otherwise. Samsung’s mobile chief Roh Tae-moon appears to have revealed the disappearance of the Note note in a blog post published yesterday, but this anonymous Samsung official says that this is not true.

Even if the Note lives on, it may not be the most famous feature of it now.

There seems to be some confusion regarding Samsung’s messages about the future of the Note series. After its success this year, it looks like the company is probably trying to build sales by bringing more of what makes the Note special down to other phones, at a price more accessible. In a Tae-moon blog post, he confirms that the company will be incorporating “people’s favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience” into other devices, and Samsung has not denied the claim that the S21 hotline supports S-Pens.

Maybe down the line, once Note fans have switched to other devices, Samsung may think it’s time to throw out a Note. But even though Samsung is allowing the Note to survive through 2021, it seems likely that the company intends to offer consumers lower options to take account of today’s market needs. today – and make the Pound so important as a result.