Russia: Graduation Ceremony at the Marina Roshcha Center

Russia: Graduation Ceremony at the Marina Roshcha Center

In an impressive ceremony in honor of Torah and Chassidut, the Feast of the Feast of the Giving of the Torah, a gathering of Torah at the Main Synagogue “Marina Roshcha” in central Moscow, led by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, was held. Burl Lazar, Combined with the completion of the Sukkah Tractate and the beginning of the Rosh Hashanah Tractate, in the study of the “Community Page” in Moscow.

The class was moderated by the community’s general messenger Mordechai Weisberg, Who honored the great apostle Dan HaCohen Lukshin, One of the leaders of the great yeshiva “Innocent Supporters of Lubavitch” in Moscow, and he raised a halakhic gossip prepared for Talpiot on the subject of a good Monday of postcards.

The end of the treatise was given by the devoted Shiur teacher, the head of the kollel and the rabbi of the rabbi’s elegant kosher system Yosef Yitzchak Marzel, And at the beginning of the study of the Rosh Hashanah Tractate, the honor of the Chief Rabbi Rabbi Lazar, who for over thirteen years in a row, begins the Tractates in the study track of the Daf HaKehila, which is very successful and many sit every morning in the regular class.

The continuation of the conference and the end was held with a chassidic gathering and a mitzvah meal, on the terrace of the magnificent restaurant in the “Marina Roshcha” Jewish Center, and a gift was presented in the name of all students to Rabbi Marzel.