RPS Advent Calendar 2020, 19 December

Door 19 has no hand, you have that to survive chrome feed and jack in. to solve with your preem quickhacks and see I’m running out of jargon just open it, you know what it is.

That’s right, it’s Cyberpunk 2077!

Graham: Cyberpunk 2077 is a buggy messenger, and a junk RPG, but that doesn’t reflect the interesting experience I had while playing it. It’s a game that’s quiet and loud as well.

Night City is high: a huge, bras, cacophonous metropolis, which is one of the best open worlds I have ever explored. That ‘s also one of the weakest – the more you try to interact with it, the more it falls apart – in the end it doesn’t matter to me. As a place to explore and watch, it’s glorious, especially if you’ve ever taken pictures of Mega City One as a teenager and wanted to see more.

The silence is even better: Cyberpunk 2077 has some of the best conversations in any game. Late at night around a campfire, or crammed into a cabin at a heavy nightclub, or on a long wet ride around town, conversation is allowed to stretch out, calm and personal. I finished the game with a dozen of my favorite characters and wanted to spend more time with them. In a midst where NPCs are often little more than presenters, or just horrible assholes, Night City residents are incredibly human.

Alice0: Bug fix can’t be a good game for Cyberpunk 2077. Too much is basically a bit of something. Stealth feels perfunctory without interesting consequences and elevation for getting around. Skill trees in bloom with a 2% increase are unattractive. Moving through a bunch of random guns for those who fit my style is boring. Curing special guns is a big job and an unreasonable stat point investment. Buying anything in a store is 1) terribly expensive 2) almost pointless as you will soon find something better. The consequence of breaking the law is either wasting a minute of my time in a boring way or reloading my last save. There’s so much amazing fashion in the game but it’s worn because of clothes tied to stats, so V ends up dressed up as a drunken kid and it’s not a disappointment finding good clothes. Ah, I have a lot more things to grip but come down to it: it’s at the crossroads of The Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and Deus Ex in an arrangement that doesn’t mesh well. I still really enjoy it.

Night City rises an exciting but exciting 7/10 into a game I played more this year than anything but Destiny 2. God, I love Night City. I grew up with Judge Dredd, dystopian B-garbage movies, a 90s Quarantine game, and growing business music about sticking with The Man, so I was going to see a soft spot on it. a shon. The performance of Cyberpunk 2077 of these views and opinions is greater than I had hoped. He is, as Alice Bee has already said, a real spectator. It’s so great! It’s so garish! Everyone is so weird and colorful! It’s so deceptive! It’s all so great! As long as I don’t move slowly enough to see NPC’s silly behavior and technical boundaries, I’m thrilled to drown in the noise as I move through alleys and under concrete canopies.

What is particularly pleasing is that we are free to explore so much. You can climb a lot more than you might think, especially when you get the double jump legs. I rarely drive or use fast travel because running through Night City is pretty good in itself.

I can’t tell you how Cyberpunk 2077 ends. I think insects will eventually be scoured. Beyond that, I think a Projekt Red CD could finally re-launch with a lot of features updated and expanded in a major ‘Enhanced Edition’ update, as with their first two Witcher games . Even if they don’t, I would be happy with this as an expensive walking simulator. Oh, but yeah, I love the cyberpunk erosion story that runs through it so far and the cyberpals I meet. I certainly wouldn’t know – my attention is clearly elsewhere.

Ollie: As I watched the credits roll end after my first playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077, I felt a little empty, a little sad. I initially thought this was because I had run through the game and not got to know it properly. I also thought I was disappointed that the game wasn’t better in almost every way. Both of those things were true, but as I sat with my thoughts, I realized that the real reason for my despair was that I lost the characters. In a very small way, I lamented that there were no more experiences available with them.

Yes, I’m talking about Judy and Panam. Both are treasures, and I don’t hear a bad word against them. Their stories were incredibly hard-hitting, and the questions involved were the main events of the whole game. They felt like people who suffered pain and loss and hardship, and who still kept their heads high and helped those in need. They wanted support above all else, and a sense of support. Any moment with Judy or Panam was promised to be at a high level in terms of writing, voice acting, and player immersion. It is not from Pyre that I have felt such pain in the hope that there will be no more interactions left to explore with characters in a game. For all its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 deserves a place on the upcoming calendar for this in my book.

Screenshot of V riding a motorcycle with demonic lights in Cyberpunk 2077

Alice Bee: Your apartment has a separate room where you store your weapons, but a burrito vending machine in a kitchen area. I agree with this kind of progressive design. Imagine V bringing a date back there. “We get a burrito for dinner. Again. LOL. Don’t go in, that’s where my guns sleep. ”

I have a lot of problems with Cyberpunk. I see a lot of people say it’s “good” on PC, but it’s not… no. I seem to spend most of her time trying to tempt myself while I play it, like a really cute puppy who keeps peeing on your mat – but I took the puppy into my home knowingly. Last night I called my car and it was seeding with a half truck behind it. I went in with great care. Then, just as I was about to get into the car, the truck explosion out the back and half of my car doors fell. Even if Cyberpunk didn’t have bugs, loads of, just, the main systems are well on the wink, as others have said. And unlike everyone else, I’ve found that the story is low-speed and shallow so far.

I really like it.

This seems to be the common knowledge from people I have spoken to. As it is, we complain about each other’s Cyberpunk 2077 loads to each other and then go: “It’s good though, guts?” (I understand this is the same as The Walking Dead fans’ relationship with The Walking Dead). I think if you understand that before you play it, you will be fine.

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