Ronaldo missed Pendel 1-1 with Atalanta

Beginning of an articleWill the top flight escape to Juventus? After two wins in the league, the Italian champions once again dropped points, finishing tonight (Wednesday) just 1-1 with Atalanta in the 12th round of Serie A. It was Juventus’ sixth draw of just 12 seasons, and the last time it happened She was somewhere 36 years ago, in 1984/85.

Unlike quite a few games of the old lady this season, tonight looks like a good pace in Turin in Turin from both teams, with a slight advantage for Juventus, who looked very not sharp in the front. In the end, those who provided the goals with huge kicks from outside the box were Federico Keiza (29) for Juventus, and the Swiss Remo Froiler for the visitors from Bergamo (57).

Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance to take the lead after 61 minutes, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the park. This is only the third time the Portuguese star has missed from the penalty spot in Serie A, out of the 24 penalties he kicked. On the other hand, the Atlanta goalkeeper continued to show great ability, with quite a few saves in front of the Juventus point.

Aside from Golini’s great ability between the posts, Atlanta can also be pleased with Alejandro Gomes. Alongside rumors of a confrontation with Jan Piero Gasparini, “Papu” came off the bench at the start of the second half, was involved in the equalizer and displayed good ability, in a game that might help leave the odd affair behind.

Now that they have missed an opportunity to continue climbing the summit, Juventus will hope that the top will not run away from them later in the round,
And on Saturday they will try to get back on the winning track when they host Parma. On the other hand, after the 0: 3 against Fiorentina, Atalanta recorded a fourth points loss in the last five league games and in the next round it hopes to recover against Roma.

the progress of the game
The game started at a good pace, when Pasina kicked a ball from a distance into the hands of Szczesny, and on the other side Cristiano Ronaldo received a ball in the box and missed. The first notable move came in the 14th minute, with an exchange of dedication between Murata and Ronaldo. The Portuguese was stopped in the box and the ball reached the Spaniard, who instead of pushing in tried to score on a heel from five meters, and did not even find the frame. In the 22nd minute Pirlo lost Arthur, who was injured after Romero collided, and Adrian Ravio came on in his place from the bench.

The goal came in the 29th minute, and it was a piece of goal. Federico Keiza got a ball from Bentencourt, fired a huge ball from 20 yards into Golini’s high corner to make it 0-1. The equalizer came almost four minutes later, when Spata came one-on-one against Szczesny, but the Polish goalkeeper managed to save the corner.

Atalanta continued to try to equalize, and in the 41st minute they squeezed another save from Chechnya, after Malinowski sent a great free-kick into the box, but the Pole was in place again. Pasina managed to send another kick out of the frame, and the Juventus advantage was maintained even in the drop to the break.

The second half opened with a threat from Juventus, after Murata reached a one-on-one against Golini, but the goalkeeper headed over and was injured during. Keiza managed to push the ball into the net, but the game had already been stopped following the injury to the goalkeeper. In the 53rd minute, Papu Gomes came off the bench. And the equalizer came in four minutes. Atalanta’s pressure led to Murata’s loss, and ended in a Gomes ball to the spoiler. The Swiss continued forward and straight from the edge of the box a kick that hit Szczesny’s crossbar and went in on the way to 1: 1.

Three minutes later Juventus got a penalty, and Cristiano Ronaldo went to the penalty spot and kicked to the right, but Guini stopped him great. The Italian goalkeeper continued on his own a minute later, saving another Murata kick. Atalanta rode on top of the momentum and responded with pressure on the other side that led to opportunities, the most notable of which was a Romero shot, which squeezed a tremendous save from Chechnya.

The pace increased with attacks from both teams from end to end, but the two goalkeepers managed to withstand the onslaught.

The vehicles
Wojciech Szczesny; Juan Cuadrado, Mathes de Licht, Leonardo Bonucci, Danilo; Weston McKenny, Rodrigo Bentencourt, Arthur (Adrian Ravio 27), Federico Keiza (Alex Sandro 75); Albero Murata (Paulo Dybala 84), Cristiano Ronaldo.

Atlanta: Pierluigi Giulini; Brat Dimesiti, Christian Romero, Jose Luis Palomino; Hans Hatbor, Remo Froiler, Marten de Ron, Robin Guzens; Matthew Pasina (Alejandro Gomes 53), Ruslan Malinowski (Alexei Miranchuk 72), Duban Spata (Luis Muriel 72).