Ron Huldai scatters hints: “Soon …” – Political and political news

Ron Huldai

Ron Huldai

Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90

Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai goes on to hint that he intends to run for Knesset when elections are announced.

On his Twitter account this morning (Thursday), Huldai wrote: “The country is on its way to another closure because Bibi Parch and the government are not functioning. But do not despair … soon … ”.

Huldai has not officially announced his joining national politics and is apparently waiting for a date to be set for the election. He has recently been holding meetings with potential personalities who could put together a new left-wing list.

Last week, Huldai issued another hint of his intention to run for Knesset in order to put an end to Netanyahu’s rule: “The demonstrator will continue to demonstrate. Finally there will also be light. Happy holiday, “wrote Huldai.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Tel Aviv has already begun raising public donations in preparation for running for prime minister. In the form of receiving donations published in Walla, it is proposed to donate up to NIS 10,000 through a check for a rat order or a bank transfer.

The first line of the form clarifies the mayor’s final goal: “Thank you for choosing to contribute to Ron Huldai’s campaign for prime minister.”