Robin Wright on how she feels about the Snyder cut

Robin Wright has already made a big impact behind the lens with permission from her work House of Cards, but recently hit another major milestone as a director – making her film debut with the film Domain. With the film due out on PVOD on March 5, Wright took the time to join us for a program of Collider Women’s Night to celebrate that achievement and cover as much of her film as she could in 30 minutes.

Our full conversation will be closer to you DomainPVOD discussion, but while you wait, what about a clip belonging to one of the hottest upcoming releases? Justice League Zack Snyder. Three years later Justice League hit theaters, Snyder ‘s rendition of the film will finally be available on HBO Max. There’s a lot that I’m curious to see in this cut of the film; how come Jared LetoJoker is introduced, the whole Darkseid, Superman laser eyes and then some. But really, the part of this that really interests me is that we get two different views of a big budget franchise film. When does that ever happen?

Jared Leto in the Zack Snyder Justice League

Image via Zack Snyder

Since Wright is now jumping into feature films as a director herself, I chose to ask her what she thinks is worth getting another version of a film released about early in theaters. Here is what she said:

“I do not know enough about the situation. I have never seen a Justice League. I don’t even know if we were cut out of it. What I think I know, I may have the wrong news, but I think the film happened because the director had a tragedy in his personal life, which we know, right ? And basically, I think, they took the film away from him. That could be wrong. And I have to say, with as little as I know, if this is the vision of that director again and if this is the story that was signed on him, and he can finally make that happen, power to him. ”

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Given what was revealed in the Vanity Fair piece earlier today, it seems Wright is right on the money with that bad situation. Here’s how Anthony Breznican add it to the piece:

“The death of their daughter was the reason the Snyders walked away from the Justice League, realizing the need for their fighting and spirit at home, along with their other children, and with each other. , rather than in a battle they lost with a powerful studio. Now the main reason he decided to return is. ”

Come March 18, we’ll finally get Snyder Justice League, which Snyder says ends with a title card for his daughter, “For Autumn.”

Robin Wright in Wonder Woman

Image via Warner Bros.

If you want to find out more from Wright on her journey Princess Bride to feature a filmmaker, keep an eye out as we’ll have more clips from the conversation coming soon before the full program of Collider Women ‘s Night is released on March 5, just in time Domain hitting PVOD.

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