Robert Lewandowski: “My title belongs to all of Bayern”

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Tomorrow (Saturday) Bayern Munich, the champions of Europe and Germany, will meet Bayer Leverkusen, who has forgotten to lead the Bundesliga now. The Bavarians will face off against Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer, who have been named FIFA World Player of the Year and Goalkeeper of the Year respectively.

At a pre-match press conference, the duo along with Hanzi Flick addressed a confrontation with Peter Boss’s team. Lewandowski He did not hide his excitement about the award he received just yesterday, when he said: “I am happy to win such a degree. I am very proud. The degree is personal, but it belongs to the whole group.”

As for the opponent tomorrow, the striker said: “They play excellent football. It is no coincidence that Leverkusen is in first place, but we hope that things will change after the game.” The Pole added: “We have not played amazing football recently. Tomorrow is the last game for 2020 and then we will go on holiday, we must get focused. The players are mentally strong, there is no doubt that we will be 100 percent ready tomorrow.”

also Manuel Neuer, Goalkeeper of the year in the fresh world, spoke about the difficult game that awaits Bayern tomorrow: “Tomorrow is going to be a kind of cup final for us, against a serious opponent we are preparing for. We will try not to absorb the first goal, as has happened to us in recent games.”

Beyond the intriguing game, Bayern have mostly been preoccupied with the decision to select Jurgen Klopp as the coach of the year in the world, at the expense of Enzy Flick, who was selected only second. Lewandowski He said of it: “I think Hansi deserved the title.” Neuer He added on the same subject: “We are a little disappointed for the coach. I expected him to win, if a coach wins all the titles and the way we played, he deserves the title.”

also Flick He himself addressed the burning issue: “The title of Outstanding Coach is different from the choice of goalkeeper or player of the year. As a coach, the title is for an entire professional team. So I think it’s a shame for my team that they did not win the award.”

Professionally, Leon Gorzka will continue to be out of the squad, but the one who will return is Yuzua Kimich, of whom the coach said today: “I hope one day he will be where Bandowski was yesterday.”