Robert Lewandowski: In an interview after winning the 2020 Actor of the Year award, he talks about Messi and Ronaldo

Robert Lewandowski Was the leading candidate to win the 2020 Golden Ball, unfortunately the prize will not be awarded this year following the bizarre decision made by France Football. The Bayern Munich striker nevertheless finally received justified world recognition tonight (Thursday), when he won the title of FIFA Player of the Year for 2020.

It was an amazing year for the 32-year-old Pole, who provided tremendous numbers – 43 goals and 13 assists in 39 appearances in all competitions in his team’s uniform in 2020 alone, and he was very excited to stand on the podium alongside Cristiano Ronaldo (who finished second) and Leo Messi (Who finished third). Well, not exactly standing on the podium, since the ceremony was of course held on video.

“I am happy and proud,” said the excited Lewandowski. “It’s a big day for me and also for my teammates, the coach and the club itself, because that title belongs to them too. It feels amazing to win a title like that, certainly when you share status with Messi and Ronaldo, it means a lot.”

Gianni Infantino, Robert Lewandowski | Pool / Marco Donato-FC Bayern / Pool via Getty Images

“I dreamed about it and now I have done it,” the mighty striker continued. “It just means it doesn’t matter where you come from, but how much you are willing to work hard for it. The biggest moment this year was winning the Champions League, which was really a great moment.”

And what is happening in the Messi and Ronaldo sector? The bitter rivals, who only recently met in Juventus’ 0-3 win over Barcelona in the Champions League, did not finish first this time. After the ceremony, the players’ selections were announced, with each being asked to choose three. The Portuguese chose Lebandowski in first place, Messi second and Killian Ambape third, but the flea did not choose CR7 in his trio – but Neymar, Ambape and Lewandowski. “

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi | JOSEP LAGO / AFP via Getty Images