Rivlin talks about Malka Leifer’s expansion with David Hurley from Australia

For much of his time in office, President Reuven Rivlin had to quarrel with visiting Jewish officials and organizations from Australia who consistently raised the issue of Malka Leifer’s expansion. She is wanted in Australia on 74 charges of sexual abuse against her students while she was principal of a religious Jewish day school in Melbourne. Australian Governor-General David Hurley was among those who spoke to him about the issue when the two met in Jerusalem in January. It was an important part of their conversation a few weeks later when Rivlin was Hurley’s guest there. the expansion of Canberra.Leifer is a key topic wherever Rivlin went in Australia, and he is not the only Israeli veteran who has been repeatedly questioned about the legal withdrawal process. Meanwhile, Leifer ‘s lawyers unsuccessfully tried in one court hearing after another to prove that she was mentally unfit to go to court. on which Hurley updated everything that has surfaced regarding the case in recent weeks.