Reuven Rivlin: “From the heart of a president to your heart – go out and vote”

This morning (Tuesday), President Reuven Rivlin exercised his democratic right and voted in the elections to the 24th Knesset.

He then made a statement. “Once again, I ask you, the citizens of Israel, to go out and vote. I am doing this for the last time as president, but first of all I am doing this as a very concerned citizen.”

“Even in the midst of the great difficulty we face, the Knesset elections are the holy of holies of Israeli democracy. True, a fourth election in two years undermines public trust and the democratic process. Only in your hands are the citizens of Israel – to influence. There is no other way,” Rivlin clarified.

“Hence, I would like to thank and strengthen the Central Election Commission, which also in the current election campaign guarantees the right to vote of all Israelis and the correctness of the voting process throughout the country, without preference and without bias. They do so under pressure. , He added.

“For the last time, from the heart of a president to your heart – go out and vote. For our children, for our grandchildren, for future generations and for us. We were blessed and a beneficial and happy Democratic holiday for the whole people. We can all overcome anything. Even if some think we are better “We will win together as the Jewish and democratic state of Israel,” the president concluded.