Refund for a canceled flight within 30 days

The Knesset Plenum today (Monday) approved in second and third reading the Aviation Services Bill (Compensation and Assistance due to Flight Cancellation or Change in Conditions) (New Corona Virus – Temporary Order – Amendment) (Amendment No. 2), 5720-2020

Under the approved amendment, airlines will be required from December 15 to return the money to a consumer or travel agent within 30 days of a flight cancellation. An agent who received the money from the airline will be required to return it to the consumer within 15 business days. As for flights canceled before December 15 – agents will be required to return the funds within 15 business days from the date of publication of the law in Reshumot.

The chairman of the Economics Committee, MK Yaakov Margi, presented the law and said: “We fought the committee to reduce the harm to passengers to the minimum required. We are long months after the crisis broke out, some of the company have already received one or another government assistance and there is no justification for postponing the receipt of the refund for 90 days. ”

MK Yevgeny Soba said: “This law should have come a long time ago and if the State of Israel respects itself, it should also put more teeth into foreign airlines that do not respect the decisions of this House. If a company wants to continue flying to and from Tel Aviv, it must respect Israeli law. “