Reasons to watch the flight attendant immediately

HBO Max is going to be on Roku very soon – as, if you’re reading this, it looks like it’s in it right now. (There’s a Playstation 5 app now too, for all gamers out there.)

So if you are accessing the service for the first time, there is a lot to get you started. But just hear me out for a second: You should start with Flight attendant, the hilarious thrush Kaley Cuoco about a flight attendant who flips her head. (The deadline hits HBO Max on December 17.) Here are a few reasons for.

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1. It’s a wind to watch

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Flight attendant one of the upcoming high-speed TV shows this year, launching viewers into the action and not letting go. Trust me, you’ll get hold of this one right away.

2. Kaley Cuoco


That’s it. That’s the Tweet. Seriously, though: Cuoco turns into an amazing performance like Flight attendantthe main titular character Cassie Bowden – witty, charming, and above all absolutely true. It is impossible not to root.

3. And Rosie Perez !!!

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Rosie Perez, that’s the myth. Accept it – every time you see her in something, you will be happy to see her do her thing. A great actress, and without giving too much away, her character adds an interesting strain. Flight attendanttwisted mahogany frame.

4. It’s funny

Colin Hutton / WarnerMedia

Flight attendant traders will be in some grim stuff as far as his main whodunit line – murder, mind, the whole deal – but Cuoco’s hilarious comedy as well as cracked teleplays keep the smile alive. come.

5. But it handles heavy stuff well too

Colin Hutton / WarnerMedia

Don’t let those claims make you Flight attendant is a campy fool for you: This show deals with some bad stuff – trauma, domestic abuse, and alcohol. And it does so wonderfully, unaided by Cuoco’s performance.

6. Also, just a really good performance from TR Knight

Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

Yup, 007 is back – but Knight ‘s leg as Cassie Davey’ s brother is devastating, especially since the sisters’ harrowing time is running out through the show.

7. So many turns your friggin ‘head spins

Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

Seriously. If you’re surprised at almost every turn, tap into this one. Flight attendant in fact it’s perfect for this time of year: It’s holiday, soap, impact, funny, and you’ll be left gasping for what’s to come. Queue it up now, or regret it forever.

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