Random: Think you’ve gotten what it takes to be a Pokémon advisor? Then Tencent Might Can Choose!

As you may recall, TiMi Studios – a subsidiary of Tencent Games conglomerate Games, is working with the Pokémon Company on the upcoming news Pokémon Unite for Switch and mobile devices.

As a result of all that is going on between these companies at the moment, Tencent currently has 19 “Pokémon related jobs” that need to be filled. As noted by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, one of the “most interesting” posts is for a Pokémon advisor.

Do you think what you have takes? Well, before you even think about it, just make sure you’ve cleared all the games, and that you have at least 900 hours of playtime recorded. You also need to know the history of hundreds of pocket monsters, have “Master Ball” status and watch at least 500 programs of the anime series. You have that, right?

Seriously though, Tencent seems to just want an individual who will be able to make sure that everything makes sense in the context of the Pokémon world and that he knows the history of the world. the inner row.

While we’re at it, let us know – have you clocked more than 900 times over the Pokémon game series? Have you seen at least 500 episodes of the anime series? Influence us in the comments below.