Raise your eyes: a peaceful band in a new song

A peaceful band

Photo: Yohanan Katz

The reason for releasing the song now with a new clip and under the name ‘Raise Your Eyes’, after having previously been performed at the band’s performances and called ‘A Moment to Shine’, is the events of ‘Extraordinary February’, which encourages integration of people with disabilities in the community.

The song ‘Raise Your Eyes’ was written with the aim of uniting and bringing the hearts of the various people in society together. In our reality, the beauty is that anyone can express themselves.

“I grew up as a visually different child,” says Moshe Klughaft, the song’s author, “and the same feeling of difference takes you out of the circle; you can never shine. In my adulthood, I learned that success lies precisely in these places – this is not the reason for failure. “.

We all take up space on the spectrum, which is a reason to celebrate the differences between people, look up and see home and sun for everyone. To each and every person as far as he is “his own ray of sunshine” and even if “a moment to shine” comes. Like the sun and the moon, which complement each other, we, being different from each other create this unity, in a way that “there are no gorges, without crossing the mountains.”