Rabbis: more gifts for the needy, less parcel deliveries

Rabbi Mordechai Vardi

Photo: Self

Rabbis in the religious kibbutzim this year call on the members of the kibbutzim and all the religious communities to place an emphasis this year on gifts for the needy (if possible through digital) and to place less emphasis on parcel deliveries.

At the same time, Rabbi Mordechai Vardi of Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim wrote to members of the kibbutz this week, “Purim is approaching and we may have to disperse to many quorums.”

“It’s time to get ready. I suggest that anyone who can prepare a reading should start practicing. Also in order for there to be women’s readings it is worthwhile for as many women as possible to work on preparing the reading,” he added.

Rabbi Vardi’s reading comes against the background of the need to hear the recitation of Zachor and the Megillah and indeed many women prepare for this on their own. This call came as a continuation of the organization of women’s quorums in a number of kibbutzim during the Corona.

Amitai Porat, secretary general of the religious kibbutz, added, “The rabbis are aware of the dilemmas that arise following the corona and outline for us a halakhic path from the compass ‘and you have chosen life.’ We are trying to find ways to maintain communality and observance of the mitzvos and we are happy about the halakhic solutions and emphases that arise within the congregation and from the attention of the rabbis. “