Rabbis, imams release doves in Dubai

DUBAI – The new peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was celebrated Wednesday with a ceremony in which white pigeons were released into heaven by three rabbits and two imams. The ceremony was held at the Isra Dubai Business Forum, a conference at the Marquis Marriott Hotel Dubai organized by businessman Haim Weizman. Dozens of businessmen, rabbits and public figures from Israel, UAE, France, Pakistan and other countries came to the conference, which was supported by Weizman and his son’s business, Weizman Properties. “The peace here is real,” Weizman said. “Peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan are just peace between politicians. They have almost no business. Here we do business with people from all over the Arab world. The crop surface of the Arab world is here. Weizman praised the cooperation between Arabs and Israelis in Dubai. When he sold many places in a building owned by a Syrian reformer, the developer gave him a room in the building for a synagogue and allowed him to add a kosher restaurant and Shabbat elevator. “A Syrian has added a synagogue in Dubai to Israelis – something that has never happened before in the world,” said Weizman.Thara-Dubai helps build ties between Israel and the UAE in several areas , including security, health and agriculture. “We offer real estate contracts for Israeli investors – large and small.” Said Marom Weizman, Isra-Dubai’s deputy director general for business development. The conference was headed by former director MK Hilik Bar on Israeli-Dubai’s strategy and diplomatic ties, to build links with government officials.Exercise Minister Amir Peretz and former science and technology minister Yaakov Peri, who chairs Weizman Properties, welcomed the morning conference Wednesday.” Hanukkah is a time of miracles and strength for the Jews, “said Weizman.” On Hanukkah last year, no one could have imagined that we would be lighting a candle this year in Dubai with new friends. from the UAE. We are building close friendships and business links that will open up a number of different opportunities for investors from Israel and other countries. “