Rabbi Zaini to Smutrich: Kashrus in Haifa can be trusted

Rabbi Zaini to Smutrich: Kashrus in Haifa can be trusted

(Photo: Ariel Minkov)

The crocheted public in Haifa is angry with MK Bezalel Smutrich, who stated yesterday (Tuesday) in a discussion in the Knesset’s Interior Committee that a God-fearing person is not allowed to eat in Haifa.

The debate was initiated by the Liberal Knesset members, Tehila Friedman (blue and white) and Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid), and Smutrich was sent there in the Haifa training camp:

“This is corruption in the most criminal sense. It is forbidden to eat in Haifa today. Whoever eats there eats scoundrels, squirrels and creepers.”

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Rabbi Zaini on Smutrich: “Dare to slander as the last of the problematic journalists”

Following this, Haifa is angry with MK Smutrich, who they say has slandered the city’s kashrut system.

In a letter that came in the wake of dozens of inquiries from residents who are afraid to eat at businesses in the city, Rabbi Zaini writes, among other things: “The issue of kashrut is an issue I have been dealing with for over forty years, as rabbi of the Technion.

I did not need any clarification to know that these things are a disgraceful libel. First of all, because the kashrut of the Technion has always been considered (and by the chief rabbis of Haifa at the time) as the most elegant kashrut of Haifa, and so it continues under the supervision of his successor, Rabbi Dr. Elad Dokov Yitzchak, “Senior figures in the country dare not only to place themselves as chief rabbis of the city, but worse, to slander as the last of the problematic journalists!”

Rabbi Zaini responded to the report presented in the Knesset: “In January 2020 (note that almost a whole year has passed since then!) The Chief Rabbinate published a report by the Kashrut Division stating that about 38 places were found to be problematic in Haifa, but only 38 out of 520 Holders of a kosher certificate in the area! If so, without underestimating what requires a thorough repair, the problem encompasses only about 7% of the places… Since January, Rabbi Elmaleh Shlita has already managed to solve the problems in 37 problematic places.

“There are no scoundrels, scoundrels and creepers in kosher restaurants in Haifa”

“And we are amazed: 7% were then found to be problematic and repaired almost all, and dare to defame them all, without any distinction, without any caution, without any sensitivity, without understanding the damage to both business owners and buyers, all while the virus has already destroyed their economy and livelihood. Of very many! And elected officials pretend to act in this wrong and rotten way in the name of allegedly caring for kosher, while transgressing and from the severity of the Torah ?! Heaven forbid! “

Haifa City Council member on behalf of the Jewish Home, Yoav Ramati, also issued a clarification to the city’s residents: “There is no fear of eating at a place where a kosher certificate has been signed by the Atlit rabbi, Rabbi Elmaleh, who is in contact with me. The election and also after the election.

“Severe words, as quoted in the media, fatally hurt self-employed restaurant owners, waiters, chefs and vendors who try to save the heat in the days of the Corona.

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