Rabbi David Buskila A.H. – Translator of the Tanya into Arabic

It was with great sorrow that the news of the death of Rabbi David Buskila from Jerusalem was received, who was privileged to translate the Book of Tanya Kadisha into Arabic.

A few years ago, Rabbi Buskila told Rabbi Boaz Kelly, the chairman of Mate Sheva of the 7for70 Bnei Noach mitzvah, about the translation of the Tanya into Arabic and units with the Rebbe.

Rabbi Buskila supervised the Otzar HaTorah network of schools in Morocco and was very friendly with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Raskin by the Rebbe’s emissary to Morocco.

The translation of the Tanya took about five years when each section of translation was examined by the emissary in Morocco, Rabbi Raskin.

During the translation, Rabbi David Buskila was admitted to the Rebbe for units that lasted half an hour. The Rebbe was interested in the situation of the Jews of Marco and the education there. When they came to talk about translating and printing the Tanya into Arabic, the Rebbe said to him, “You did a wonderful job and by translating and publishing the Tanya, you are breaking the shell of Ishmael.” The Rebbe is an angel. “