Prof. Ash: “Vaccine effects – at least two more months”

The corona commissioner, Professor Nachman Ash, toured Reina and Kfar Kanna in the Galilee today (Saturday), and referred to the vaccination campaign that is scheduled to begin next week.

Corona projector Prof. Ash: “It will take two months for the results of the vaccine to be felt” // Photo: Mazawi Advertisers – Ministry of Health Information Headquarters

Ash called on the public not to enter into complacency despite the arrival of the vaccines, and the beginning of their distribution, especially during the holiday season approaching its end. “Despite the vaccine reaching us, it will take at least two months for the results to be felt, so it is very important to continue to follow the guidelines: put on masks and avoid crowds during the holidays,” Ash said, adding that the vaccine is our hope to return to our natural lives. We need to get vaccinated so that we can get out of this situation. “

In the village of Kanna, Ash referred to the closure where the settlement is located and called on the public to be examined in Corona. “The village is closed now, and the only thing that can be done at the moment is to go and do a test and locate patients, only then can the virus spread and slowly get out of this situation and return to our natural lives,” the commissioner said.

Ash’s remarks come, as mentioned, ahead of the start of the vaccination campaign that will begin in the coming days, when about two million members of the at-risk and elderly population, over the age of 60, are expected to receive the first dose of the vaccine in the coming days.

After the end of the first part of the distribution of vaccines, another round of vaccinations is expected for the entire population. To date, Israel has purchased 3.8 vaccines from Pfizer, which should be enough for 1.9 million people, 6 million vaccines from Modern, which should be enough for 3 million and another 10 million vaccines from Astraznica, but the vaccine from this company has not yet been received. Approval from the Ministry of Health.
Tonight, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein are scheduled to be vaccinated live in order to encourage the public to get vaccinated and to fight misinformation and concerns about the vaccine.