Production designer for Bond Films and ‘Titanic’ – Deadline

Oscar-winning production designer, artistic director and set decorator Peter Lamont has died. Lamont, along with longtime collaborator Peter Ford, relied on the beauty of almost every James Bond film from Goldfinger through 2006’s Casino Royale. That’s no small feat, given the series ’high standards for style.

Lamont was a four-time Oscar nominee, taking home the award for art decor Titanic, although Ford was recognized for set decoration on the film. Lamont was also named for Fiddler on top, The Spy I loved and Aliens.

News of the passing was confirmed by Bond representatives Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, who had this to say on official Twitter account 007: “Peter Lamont was a popular member of the Bond family and a giant in the industry. Closely related to the design and beauty of James Bond from Goldfinger (1964). “

It was the only Bond film that Lamont lost in his 40-year run with the franchise Tomorrow he will not die in 1997. He and Ford were away winning their Oscars that year Titanic.

Broccoli and Wilson also described Lamont as a “true success story,” saying his life was a testament to “fulfilling your dream with talent and hard work.”

He passed on his talents to Neil’s son, who worked with his father Titanic and some of the Bond films before he became the directing art director of most of the Harry Potter films. The youngest Lamont was also his managing art director Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. He later became a production designer on two of the major Star Wars companies, Rogue One: The Story of Star Wars and Solo: The Story of Star Wars

Peter Lamont’s first job was as a set dresser Am married Bulldog featuring Norman Wisdom in 1960.

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