Prince Charles has redefined the role of Prince of Wales

Queen Elizabeth II was just 21 when she vowed to spend “her whole life” in service. As she prepares for version 95 in April, she is still at the helm of the British monarchy. Her remarkable reign, already the longest in the country’s history, deserves much attention, but it is easy to forget that her son Prince Charles performed at the same time in the record books as the second oldest and longest serving leader.

Unlike a position of sovereignty, the role of heir is not clearly defined, but Charles has had 69 years to come to deal with it, accept it, and eventually redefine it. , a sometimes staggering mix of maverick and visuals that is completely self – made. . He was officially crowned Prince of Wales (the title bestowed on the monarch’s eldest son) at the age of 20, in 1969, at a property ceremony at Caernarfon Castle in Wales, a place dramatized in memory. the season 3 of The Crown. At that point “it would be a good idea to have a long time before he sits on his mother’s throne,” said Joe Little, editorial manager. Majesty iris.

Bonnie Prince Charlie knelt before Queen Elizabeth as she crowned The Prince of Wales at the Deposit at Caernarfon Castle on 1 July 1969 in Wales.

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But far from kissing for the top job, he applied his feverish approach to finding a cause while on the next line, speaking defiantly for reasons such as perseverance. which many of them did not take, even though some would mock him for saying that he spoke to his plants. (These days, of course, herbivores are all over Instagram.) His application is now reasonably considered decades ahead of its time. With the world more alert than ever to the dangers to the environment, Charles finds himself a pioneer for organic farming, thanks to Duchy Originals, the Newman’s Own-esque food brand he founded in 1990.

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Perhaps his most famous effort, however, is The Prince ‘s Trust, which began in 1976 with money from the Royal Navy pension to support poor youth. Almost fifty years later he says he helped more than 1 million young people. “His commitment, support and ambition for the organization have never been met,” said Martina Milburn, the trust’s chief executive. For his part, the prince told the BBC in 2018, “I want to be able to take risks. He added that if it was “difficult to worry about the cities,” he was “proud.”

Charles’ tenure as landlord will be closely linked to his journey from The Prince of Wales to king. Edward VII is remembered as a monarch, but held that office for just nine years, compared to the 59 he spent as heir to Queen Victoria. Similarly, Charles’ rule will be undermined by his mother’s rule. But his strong legacy as Prince of Wales deserves a place in history.

In a toast to her 70th birthday, the queen described Charles as “a consecrated heir and honored to the throne. ”But it was her concluding remarks that perhaps summed up his unique character and explained his civic duty. “To my son,” she said, “in every sense of a duchy.”

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