Price of Xbox Series X: How much does Microsoft’s next-gen console cost you

Microsoft’s official list price for the new Xbox is either $ 500 or $ 300, depending on the model. The Xbox X series. (which comes with an optical driver and outputs at 4K resolution) costs $ 500, while the smaller Xbox Series S lists for $ 300. The S Series has a slower processor, less storage internally, 1440p output instead of 4K, and no optical driver. Despite a shortage of difficult investments, the major retailers are still paying homage to this price and selling the consoles at Microsoft’s list price. That’s a cold comfort, though, when you think about the out-of-stock status, the only real market for the Xbox Series X / S resellers is where it regularly sells for co. -at least twice the price.


For months, once retailers have received deposits and released units for sale, they will be sold within minutes, largely thanks to bots resellers selling complete transactions much faster than anyone. Some retailers have started getting a grip on these resale bots, but they are still preventing many people from getting consoles. These bot-acquired consoles are sold at a high price. Right on the eBay example, it is possible to find the Xbox Series X at a price between $ 700 and $ 1,100. Bags are some of the most priced deals that include decorations and games, but they are still oversized and not a good value, especially since you may not buy You access the resources if you had a free choice.

We have been offering the same advice for months now: Wait to get the Xbox Series X at the $ 500 retail price and avoid resellers and bags.

In the meantime, Xbox replenishments happen regularly, and gamers with quick response times have been snatching tokens. We monitor investment falls and let you know when one is coming – be sure to check out our Xbox Series X reset status article. for more information. Below is a list of the top vendors (and a couple of reputable vendors, if you absolutely need to) to help you find your own console.

Retail and resale of Xbox Series X.

When in stock. Amazon sells the Xbox Series X for $ 500 and the Xbox Series S for $ 300 from the same product page.

Best Buy lists the Xbox Series X for $ 500 on this page.

At GameStop, the Xbox Series X lists for $ 500.

This is the Target product page for the Xbox Series X, where the console sells for $ 500.

Walmart is offering the Xbox Series X (when in stock) for $ 500. You may also want to visit the retailer’s landing page for the two new consoles.

NewEgg sells both the Xbox Series X for $ 500 and the Xbox Series S for $ 300 on this page.

We highly recommend waiting for an inventory to appear at regular retailers, so that you can purchase the Xbox Series X at the regular retail price. If you can’t wait, you can find Xbox Series X consoles at eBay with applications starting around $ 500, but retail prices are closer to $ 850 and up.

If you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars over the list price, then StockX is a popular eBay-style site that lets you buy new Xbox consoles. That said, the lowest price we could find is around $ 650 and an average closer to $ 800.

This story is frequently updated with the latest Xbox Series X news.

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