Police arrested a young woman on suspicion of threatening a social worker and a judge

A 20-year-old mother of an eight-month-old toddler was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of threatening a social worker as well as a justice of the Bat Yam youth court, Tova Perry. Later in the day (Friday) it will be decided whether to bring her to court in order to request the extension of her detention.

An indictment was previously filed against the suspect for threats she made against another social worker who handled her case.

About eight months ago, the young woman gave birth to her toddler son, who is now eight months old, as mentioned. Already in the first days after he was born, the hospital raised suspicions of abnormal behavior on the part of the young mother, and sent a report to the social services in her city of residence.

Following the report, a social worker arrived at the scene, opened a preliminary investigation and began working to get the toddler out of the care of his young mother. The suspect did not like the decision, and she began sending threatening messages to the same social worker. Later, as stated, an indictment was also filed against her for these incidents, but in doing so, the young woman did not stop her actions.

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In recent weeks, the young woman has turned her anger against another social worker from the Rishon Lezion municipality, when she threatens to kill her. Following the threats, a complaint was filed at the Rishon Lezion station. – The one that was submitted in Rishon Lezion and the one that was submitted in Bat Yam.

It should be noted that the suspect committed threats and harassment towards the judge, while she called her several times on her mobile device and sent her a message: “Watch out for me, you no longer know who I am.” As stated, following the said investigation, the young woman was arrested last night and is under investigation.