Pokémon GO Changed the Main Series (In Both Good & Bad Ways)

Pokémon GO recently introduced game mechanics that have been translated to Pokémon games. Some have improved the game, and some have not.

Many new tools have been added Pokémon games in recent years. For titles like Pokémon Lets GO Eevee and Pikachu and Sword and Shield Pokémon, many of the additional materials and game concepts were taken from the mobile game Pokémon GO. For decades, new Pokémon games strictly and neatly adhered to the same basic model when it came to game mechanics. Fighting, capturing, and exploring were all unchanged from title to title. While some of these mechanics have made the new games more interesting, some may have taken away from the classic grinding of Pokémon games.

When Pokémon Lets GO Eevee and Pikachu came out for the Nintendo Switch, Kanto’s remake turned into an expanded version of Pokémon GO located in Kanto, rather than a real resume. Players were not able to fight and capture their Pokémon, but instead used a switch switch of the capture mechanics from Pokémon GO. The only time the player was fighting anything was when they went against another Gym Leader character, and capturing Pokémon became a minstrel instead of a strategic encounter.

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Another thing that found its way into recent games from Pokémon GO is the use of Candies. While the original items like Rare Candies were a hard to find way to boost the level of Pokémon, Pokémon GO began a mechanic that allows players to make their Pokémon stronger by using a certain amount of XP candies, basically making pointless Rare Candy. In Leaving GO Eevee and Pikachu, candies are used to raise waking Values, quickly making Pokémon at any level much more powerful. In Sword and Shield, XP Candies allows players to cut corners as they work to upgrade their Pokémon to higher levels. The submission Sword and Shield greatly reduces the work that players have to put in to have a high-level Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Mechanics takes the challenge out of recent games

XL Candy in GO

However, while mechanics translate from Pokémon GO can adversely affect some parts of Pokémon’s game, Pokémon spawning in the world over is one of the best things to move into token games lately. In both Leaving GO Eevee and Pikachu as well Sword and Shield, players will see Pokémon spawning around them as they walk through paths between cities or explore the new Wild Zones. Adding over-spawning in games has increased the magic of a player journey through the game area, helping to immerse fans in the fascinating world of Pokémon.

Usage Pokémon GO mechanics have changed gameplay in recent titles for the series. While it makes the game easier for those who don’t like grinding, it removes much of the challenge from previous games. By adding items that take away the point of Pokémon games, to build strong Pokémon to fight with, there is less to do overall. While good things came Pokémon’s mechanical experimental introduction from Pokémon GO, future titles may benefit from sticking to a mechanic that worked well in previous games.

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